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Citizen kane

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Instead, he chooses to take over ‘The New York Daily Inquirer’, a newspaper that is on the verge of being closed. His thirst for revenge is all the more evident when he declares that he would like to win all that Mr. Tatcher hates. One of the stages in Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development is ‘Identity v/s Role Confusion’. At this point in time, we get to see that Charles as a young adult had not been able to develop an identity and instead was confused about the role he was playing.
Time passes by and Charles’ quest for love begins in a big way. Charles marries Emily Monroe Norton, niece of the US President. Charles marries for love. He also enters politics to win the love of the voters. But both, his marriage and career in politics come to an end with his extramarital affair with Susan Alexander getting revealed. What draws Charles to Susan is her innocence and simplicity. She reminds him of his simple childhood. Charles, later on, marries Susan and bribes her in all the ways possible to win her love. But Charles fails to give Susan what she wants and even his second marriage comes to an end with Susan leaving him in his estate. At this point, another stage in Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development that comes to mind is ‘Ego Integrity v/s Despair’. Older adults need to look back on life and feel a sense of fulfillment. Success at this stage leads to feelings of wisdom, while failure results in regret, bitterness, and despair.
Charles is all by himself in the last few years of his life and has none of his loved ones by the side of his death bed. The words Charles utters just before his last breath catches the attention of the reporters, but none of them are able to understand its significance. He just says, ” Rosebud”.
Initially, when Tatcher was at Charles’ parents’ house to pick him up, Charles shoves a sled at Tatcher and pushes him away. Until then, Charles was enjoying himself in the snow with this same sled. The two words painted on the sled was ‘Rosebud’. Charles leaves behind that sled in his parents’ house.

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