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Christianity and the world of faith

Christianity and the World of Faith
2. Choose any three issues that are currently of importance for humans around the globe and show how Christians can develop their beliefs about these three issues.
The three issues that are of significance to humans around the globe include the shunning down of terrorism and its related activities, the spread of love and tolerance and making healthcare and education a free entity. I personally believe that these three issues deem more importance than any other points which concern the world at this point in time. Why terrorism has affected the entire world is a headache for just about everyone. There has to be a rational setting and a basis to understand what can bring about a stopping act to the terrorism domains around the globe. Same is the case with love and tolerance which needs to be set in free so that people can understand how it is essential to inculcate a society which bases itself on growth and productivity of its own people. If they interact freely, it is taken as a plus point, and even Christianity accepts it with both arms wide open. Similarly, making education and healthcare free throughout the world will help the cause of any society of the world and hence help us get across the dictum of difficulties that have more bearing on the lives of the people than is seen possible (Rolfe, 2004). I opine that Christianity allows people to live freely and understand the real value behind love, tolerance, compassion and empathy. Christianity helps the people to evolve in a positive fashion which indeed is a good thing. Hence I see these three issues currently being significance for the different societies that exist within the world in the present times.
4. Develop your own set of core beliefs that best represent Christianity in your perspective and show how they are inter-related with one another.
My own core beliefs regarding Christianity surround the basis of doing well on to others so that it comes back in some form. Also belief in God that he knows about everything and that Jesus was the noblest of men amongst all mankind. I base my beliefs in Christianity with what I have learned over the years as well as what my elders have told me over the years. I have seen devoted Christians during my life time who have always believed the basis of their religion because they tend to feel it this way. I am confident that Christians all over the world are proactively driven to bring goodness forward and this is one aspect that has been documented time and again (Emmett, 2011). From my perspective, Christianity is very close to being good to one’s own self as well as to the people who come in contact with this individual. I feel confident about Christianity because it provides peace of mind and heart. Christians are usually very sedate people who follow their religion in a spiritual fashion, and this is what moves me in a good way. Hence my perspective is based on the belief that Christians look up to God for help and success, and help others around them so that they can win the mercy of God. I am also of the view that all of these beliefs are more or less inter-connected with one another, and hence the reason why people feel this religion being close to their hearts.
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