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Child obesity

Nowadays, childhood obesityhas become an epidemic in all over the world. This essay will consider the problem ofobesityand outlline possible solutions. To begin with, in point of fact the reason of obesity are not difficult to understand. Firstly, people are eating more and more unhealthyfood, namely fast-foods which contain a large percentage of calories. It is because children feel junk-foods are more appertizing than fresh foods cooked at home.

Moreover, many parents become so busy that they do not have time to cook . Secondly, there are short of space for children to play . In addition, children nowadays have too many exercises to do at home so they so not have much time to play. This leads to watching TV and playing computer game a lot. Thirdly, fast-food industry has developed dramatically in many countries. In fact, there are more and more fast- food joint in everywhere.

Furthermore, particular in Western cultures are often very high in fat. Obesity have many bad effects on society . First of all, overweight children can get many serious dieases such as heart disease, diabetesor even cancer. It can also leads to an increase ofstressin school for fat children when they become object of cruel jokes, consequently, overweight children are always unconfident in themselves. As we have seen, there are number of ways to reduce obesity.

One of the most effective method is that society , school andfamilyshould takeresponsibilityfor educating about mentalhealthof healthy life style for children so as to they have knowledge about the risk of obesity. In short, the main causes of childhood obesity is bad diet and less active. This leads to considerable damage about health in the long term. In my view, children should be encouraged to eat healthy foods and do exercise frequently.

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