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Causes of stress

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Ordinarily, stress causes the turnover of employees to reduce which affects the productivity of the company. As can be seen from the graph, the average employee turnover has reduced drastically from 40% to 33% because of stress-related issues. The issue must be addressed in the organization to prevent absents of the employees (Mark)
Lack of job security causes employees to have stress especially in this era of insufficient jobs
The workload also causes stress. Employees are forced to work harder to meet the expectations having fear of being laid off.
People issues which include the relationship between employees can be a source of stress. This includes issues such as promotion.
Personal issues such as family, incurable diseases and insufficient funds cause stress to the employees.
The management is expected to measure the performance of the jobs of all employees to determine the level of stress
The management should: (Segal)
Give training to the employees on how to handle personal stress.
Give employees opportunities to participate in the decision-making process that affect their jobs.
Consult employees about scheduling of work and work rules.
Ensure the workload is suitable for employees’ abilities and resources.
Avoid unrealistic deadlines.
Show that individual workers are valued.
Offer rewards and incentives.
Praise good work performance.
Provide opportunities for the development of employees
Measure the performance of the employee
Evaluate the level of absenteeism

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