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Case study on banking services

Case Study on Banking Services:

A bank is a financial institution which fulfils numerous operations with money and securities, serves for the government, groups of people and individuals.

Bank is an institution which is established with the purpose to gain high profit; has the right to conduct financial operations; has the right to attract the finance of people and use the money from its own person for various purposes; works due to the special permission obtained from the government; does not have the right to provide insurance and activity connected with trade and production. The history of banks is very long and draws back to the beginning of the human civilization and the increase of the role of the private property and finance. Since that time banks have developed seriously and now there are many types of banks which fulfil numerous operations which touch upon every sphere of human life. The main services which are typical for banks are the attraction of the finance of a client, called depositing. The bank uses the money for its own benefit and pays certain percentage of the sum for the client for the use of the money. Then, there is a service of cash-in-transit of the money, securities, etc; crediting; the purchase and sale of the foreign currency and noble metals, the opening of the banking accounts for individuals and organizations; protection of the finance and other valuable items in saves, etc.

Every bank offers its own set of services for different clients and the opportunities of the bank and their number can sometimes reach up to one hundred. Banking servicescan be called quite an interesting topic for the research, because every day people cooperate with a bank and take advantage of its services. Even a common purchase of a product is controlled by a bank. A successful banking services case study should touch upon the direct problem which has occurred in a bank and explain it professionally. One should learn about the case as much facts as possible in order to analyze the problem soberly and objectively. Students are expected to demonstrate their critical thinking skills on the basis of their search for the cause and effect elements of the case and the presentation of the best methods and solutions for the problem.

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