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Case Study [The of the will appear here] [The of the will appear here] According to the article, what are peoples estimates of how much they consumed and how satisfied they feel after consuming *really* based on? Be specific. Hint: this relates to the hypothesis of the experiment.
The article comes to the conclusion that most people are base their sense of satisfaction and consumption on visual cues. When they are given a plate to eat, they feel satisfied when they consume all the food on the plate. It does not matter whether the food portion is large or small.
2. Did labels improve or worsen the overall taste of beer?
Labels have a strong correlation with the overall taste of the beer. When the respondents were given beer without the labels, they were unable to discern their favorite label from the 6 provided. This shows that most consumers do not have a preference for a particular taste of beer. Rather, their preference was biased towards the label rather than the taste. This shows that people make beer buying decisions based on labels rather than taste.
3. What is Native Advertising?
Native Advertising is becoming increasingly popular in todays world. In this form of advertising, the advertiser depends on the internet where the ad is placed in the context considering in mind the users experience. An example of this is Pinterest where the advertiser places the ad as a pin rather than the traditional advertisement. Ads as pins are content placed in the context of the users experience. Such form of advertising are more likely to get the attention of the users because most users zone out the traditional forms of advertising but are unable to differentiate advertising from the usual pins. This then increases the impact of the advertising. This form of advertising also generates word of mouth through sharing of the advertisements. Pins are more likely to be shared by users as compared to normal advertisement.

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