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Twill Enterprises Limited is a successful printing and packaging company based in Toronto, Ontario. Recently the company has been plagued with many problems. One of the main problems that the company faces is its inability to change the management structure in the midst of growth. The company has grown in leaps and bounds through the years and the tightly knit management committee can no longer sustain the power it once held. Yet the upper management staff refuses to relinquish power to the lower ranks. The officers have played such an integral part in all facets of the company s management that they are bound by a sense of duty and commitment to micro-manage the company. The company tried to implement a more diverse and decentralized management structure with minimal success. The failure of decentralization has only served to strengthen the management committee s stance on maintaining a hands on approach in governing the company. This has restricted growth and constructive changes within the company. To compound the problem, the company faces fierce competition within the industry. Twill Enterprises focuses its operation in Toronto, one of the two largest centers for printing concentration in North America. Therefore, there is a fiercely competitive environment in Toronto, challenging the producer to make more complicated products with faster response times and lower cost. Another problem threatening the company is the possibility of an economic downturn, which would leave suppliers in a state of serious overcapacity and effectively drive down prices and profits.

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