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Case analysis esri

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However, the software that SERIES provides is for a much more complex set of operations than merely looking up driving directions. In fact the software and services the company provides in the geographical information systems market, is so tailored to individual companies and firm that it cannot be catalogued with web based GIS such asGoogleMaps or Map Quest. Yes most of these systems now point out a great deal of geographical information, but is for the more common user. SERIES produces 40 products and related services for 40 different industries.

As such, the company corner specific niche of the geographical information systems market that other more general web based systems would not be able to do without some extensive restructuring. Are the apparent problems the real problems or only symptoms of the real problems? The problem, if it can be called one is based on the human need to know about their world. Now, instead of looking at a paper map, the average consumer can find a wealth of information about literally any location, any. Here in the world. This was merely a logical progression of web basedtechnology. In my analysis I found no problems with SERIES. The company has a strong foundation. It is not losing market share do to perceived competition, and its business strategy is sound. What are the characteristics of theenvironmentin which the company operates? The characteristics of the company are of a firm that caters to a specific demographic that requires use of their products.

It has only a few competitors, and is widely respected by competitor and customer alike What are the characteristics of the industry that the company is in and how is the industry changing over time? GIS is computer software that combines geographic location with point of interest information. This is done by producing electronic maps that have layers of information stacked upon each other to include visualization (ad graphics) with spatial analysis (combination of data and visualized information.

The industry itself is comprised of large government agencies, utility companies, and large retail businesses such as store chains. What is the firm’s strategy, in terms of the five strategy elements, for competing in this context? Arenas: Where will we be active? SERIES being a company that was started to field a specific variety of products or a specific number of industries that require complex geological information systems has chosen to remain in this niche market and not expand further.

Vehicles: how will we get there? SERIES has chosen to arrive at their chosen destination by using sound financial management, concentration on R, customer relations, and choosing to not go public. Differentiators: How will we win in the marketplace? SERIES has chosen to differentiate itself by upgrading their products periodically, add touches requested by customers and by actually using information provided by customer surveys. Staging and Spacing: What will be our speed and sequence of moves?

Through strategic planning, SERIES has shown that remaining in a niche market allows it to cater to the speed of requirement versus the speed of competition. Therefore, a great deal more time can be can be concentrated on R, customer relations, and company development. Economic logic: How will we obtain our returns? Because the company has chosen to remain private, all return on investment can be invested back into the company. There are no outlying expenses other than what the company itself generates. What are possible solutions to identified problems?

The only solution was stated by the company’s founder. Although not a requirement, SERIES could become more marketable by developing web based applications to make their information more accessible. Are there any possible problems with your suggested recommendations? What contingencies need to be accommodated? By making information more accessible, it also makes the company more public, which is not something the companyleadershipwishes to do. Furthermore, it pushes the company into a broader market which inevitably creates more competition.

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