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Career assessment

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Career Counseling Decision Making Model and Intervention Strategies George Costanza can be ified as anindecisive person. George cannot decide whether he wants to take a job in the sports, movies or talk show industry. He later concedes that maybe quitting his old job may have been a mistake (Van J, 2009). George displays clear signs of indecisiveness. George is thereby classified under the indecisive decision-making model. Indecisive people have problems getting through all the phases of the decision making process and settling on a tangible resolution. In order to help George overcome his indecisiveness and make suitable rational choices, the developmental model of assessment will be applied.
The first intervention strategy involves helping George acknowledge his indecisiveness. Acknowledging his indecisiveness will go a long way in helping him overcome his habit. The next step will be to understand the cause of his case of indecisiveness. George will be made to appreciate the transition period he is undergoing between his last job and the career path that he will decide to take. George will be advised to trust his decision-making process, generate self-confidence and to take risks wherever necessary. Next step is to help George prioritize his demands. In this case, the main priority for George is to find a new job (Van, 2009). After deciding on the priority, George will then embark on a decision-making process based on his abilities, talent and passion. Then, he will keenly analyze the available options against his requirements. George will be enabled to go past the exploration phase and overcome his fears in order to settle on a decision.
Career and Personal Needs
Career and personal needs need to be given equal attention when counseling a client. The main reason for support of this notion is that a person’s career and personal life are in several ways highly interconnected. In most cases people’s level of satisfaction and happiness is directly connected to how well their career development and contentment with their work. With most people achieving their career goals is at the top of their personal ambitions. Failure to achieve these goals leads to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment which take a toll on their personal life. Therefore, helping a client define their career goals goes hand-in-hand with helping their personal needs.
Another reason why career goals and personal needs deserve equal attention is because a person’s career choice is a clear statement about their personality. People choose careers that suit their personality, attitudes, beliefs, and personal preferences. A counselor will have the capacity to understand a person’s personality if they can comprehend the factors that influenced a person’s choice of a career. Therefore, a career path is an explicit statement on an individual’s perspective of their self-worth. In the modern society, a person’s level of success is measured by the society founded on their level of career success. In this way, the society has engrained it in people’s mindset that the way to increase their social status in through career development. A person’s personal experiences tend to have an impact on their level of productivity at work. Addressing an individual’s personal situation goes a long way in increasing their productivity at work.
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