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Cardiff bay redevelopment

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Cardiff Bay Development Research Cardiff Bay is Europe’s largest waterfront development. Cardiff Docks as it was then called was the world’s largest coal exporting port. It is also Europe’s largest waterfront development and it has a wealth of leisure activities available both on and off the water. Cardiff bay has been turned into a vast freshwater lake with the introduction of a barrage. A number of boat tours operate from Mermaid Quay, which allow you to gain an understanding of the history and fauna of this exciting area.

A new water taxi service is available which operates throughout the year from the Bay to the city centre and Penarth. Cardiff Bay is home to a number of attractions such as Techniquest Science Discovery Centre – ideal for all the family, Craft in the Bay, The Welsh Assembly at the Pierhead, Butetown History and Arts Centre, Goleulong 2000 Lightship, the Norwegian Church Arts Centre and the brand new Wales Millennium Centre, a stunning and international arts centre.

The Atlantic Wharf Leisure Village provides further options for family entertainment. The harbour at Cardiff Bay experiences one of the world’s greatest tidal ranges up to 14m. This has meant that at low tide, it has been inaccessible for up to 14 hours a day. The new barrage will eliminate the effect of the tide, which has acted as an inhibitor to development, releasing the potential of the capital city’s greatest asset – its waterfront. The construction of the barrage is one of the largest engineering projects in Europe.

Completed in 1999, it has created a 500 acre freshwater lake with 8 miles of waterfront and it is hoped it will stimulate the future development of the Bay as a tourist and leisure destination. The Cardiff Bay Development Corporation was set up in April 1987 to regenerate the 1, 100 hectares of old derelict docklands of Cardiff and Penarth. It was part of the British Governments Urban Development Programme to regenerate particularly deprived and run-down areas of British inner cities.

The mission statement for the regeneration project, set by the then Welsh Secretary of State, Nicholas Edwards was: – To put Cardiff on the International map as a superlative maritime city which will stand comparison with any such city in the world, thereby enhancing the image and economic well-being of Cardiff and Wales as a whole The five main aims and objectives identified for the regeneration project were: – To promote development and provide a superb environment in which people will want to live, work and play. To re-unite the City of Cardiff with its waterfront.

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