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Every day, people have problems in their live and affect their life. Depending on the situating these experiences can either have a good or bad affect. WHen I was two I had an experiences life. That experience shaped the way I see my future in life getting cancer was a major expeirence that had an effect on my life. Because I had cancer, I have a learning disability. This learning disability affected my reading and focus.

I get distracted really easy, that’s why I sit by people that do their work. Which helped my grades a lot and i’m passing most of my classes. I can’t play any contact sports. All the sports I can’t play are football, hockey. The worst part is that the other kids make fun of me because when I was a kid I always dreamed of playing football.

When I was 13, my grandma and I went for my check ups and we asked if i could play football. The doctor said, “ No sorry you will get paralyzed when she said that, that ruined my dreams. But now I play basketball and I love it. Because of my cancer i will not grow as tall as the other kids. My height is the most things i get made fun of that is 6. 3 thats yunger then me, called me short and tinny and i get sick and tired of it.

But, i cant do anything about it because hes three times bigger than me. My friends back me up with the name calling. I think the only reason he makes fun of me is because he get made fun of. Getting cancer was was a major experience that had an effect on my life. My learning is getting better than before. The bone that they took out of my neck hasnt taken my my ability to play basketball.

My height is going good i expect to grow to be 5. 8. Since I got that cancer, people respect how I function.

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