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Where is Byzantine Empire? Eastern Roman Empire
Greece, Asia Minor, Syria and EgyptWhat was unique and created by this empire? mosaicsWhat was Justinian’s first accomplishment? Preserved the Roman lawWhat was Justinian’s law code and what was each part? Written law code that formed the basis for Byzantine law.
Code, Digest, Institutes, NovellaeThe Codeuseful Roman lawThe Digestsummarized Roman legal opinionThe Institutesguide for law studentsThe Novellaenew laws passed after 534AD ” new” What did Justinian’s code cover? crime, marriage, property, and slaveryWhat is the Hagia Sophia? A beautiful church that was turned into a mosque then a museumWhat does it mean? Holy WisdomWho is Justinian’s wife? TheodoraDescribe TheodoraA lot younger than Justinian, an actress, ” lady of the evening” looked down upon by society. very smart, clever, and loved JustinianAccomplishments/Influence of JustinianOne of Justinian’s best advisors, convinced him to change laws to improve the status of women, he altered divorce laws, allowed christian women to won propertyDescribe the Nika RevoltPeople in Byzantine wanted to overthrow Justinian and he was going to retreat, but Theodora convinced him to stay and fight, and his troops were victoriousWho was made general of the army? BesilariusResults of the revoltWon Roman lands back from Germanic tribes and Justinian’s empire reached its greatest sizeDiplomatstry to maintain peaceful relationships between countriesWhat were the strengths of the Empire? Strong central government, officials were skilled and well paid, clever diplomats, alliances through marriage with foreign nations, military forces are well trained, weapons are more efficient, invented Greek fire, Constantinople was an ideal locationKnow the importance of each strength^^^^Greek firepetroleum based, continues to burn while floating on waterDifferences in Eastern Orthodox and Catholic ChurchesEast: priests can marry, no veneration icons, no pope, God was more importantPope Leo IIorders the destruction and said it was heresy not to allow worship of iconsWhat is the result of the Iconoclastic controversy? Church splits
Roman catholic in west–pope
Eastern Orthodox in east–patriarchWhat contributed to the decline of the empire? After Justinians’ death, many wars followedWhat groups invaded the peninsula? Persians, Lombards, Avars, SlavsMuslim Empire conquered… Syria, Palestine, and North AfricaSejuk Turks captured… much of Asia Minor because of the food and soldiersWhat officially marked the end of the empire? The Ottoman Turks capturing Constantinople in 1453Who is Procopius? historian who wrote about Justinian during and after he was alive. The ” secret history” he bashed Justinian and the general’s wifeOne of Justinian’s major beliefsthe truth; you have to be truthful especially when recording historyWho made the compilation of imperial edicts? authorized jurist TrebonianWhat 4 parts did the Code of Law consist of? Corpus Juris Civilis
The Digest
The Institutes
NovelsCorpus Juris CivilisBody of Civil LawThe Digest (2)Writings of Roman juristsThe Institutessummary of cheif principals of Roman lawNovelsnew edicts issued during Justinian’s reignWhy is the Codex important? became the basis of imperial law in the Byzantine Empire
Written in latin-kept Roman culture
Became basis of the legal system of all of EuropeWhat did Justinian build? Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, roads, bridges, baths, walls, law courts, hospitals, schools, monasteries and churchesWho was Procopius? court historian for Justinian who was considered the last major historian of the ancient worldWhat did he write?” Wars of Justinian” ” Buildings of Justinian” ” The Secret History” Procopius’s opinion of JustinianDID NOT LIKE HIM said to be evil, cruel, stupid, greedy, etcSilk was very important… Michael III 842-867brought a revival and made reforms in education, church life, military, peasant lifeWhat does Patriarch Photius do? drives a greater wedge between the different churchesMacedonian DynastyFounded by Basil IHow did Basil I come to power? impressed emperor Michael III with his wrestling skills and married his mistress, and made co-emperor. He then murdered Michael a year later and bec ONBYZANTINE SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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