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Editing Revising a Business Paper Revising a business or technical paper as one would a typical composition may mean modifying the structure of the paper’s arguments or presentation so as to bring about the desired level of impact upon critique or evaluation. In the process, the editor in charge of revision may consider adding or deleting contents by word at least, phrase, sentence, or a number of paragraphs at most in which statement reconstruction is intended to give the main concept a new shape and impression or another perspective of looking at it. Through the stage of editing, it is crucial for one to realize the significance of making changes such that the substance of the business paper turns out to promote a better approach at closing a deal between the parties involved (Procter).
Since business paper may assume a variety of forms as essay, proposal letter, research paper, position paper, and thesis or dissertation, a business writer ought to account for the primary objective that fully justifies the essential ideas to be brought across. Hence, even on conducting revisions, the writer should render adjustments based on the elements which chiefly deliver corporal thoughts, values, and style. On editing, consistency with formal tone must be maintained as well as the use of passive voice in keeping the formality intact throughout the paper. As much as possible, the corrections employed on the work should necessitate concise expressions in which case, modifiers in series are reduced to one or two words that are rather more technical in nature.
Furthermore, the editing staff or individual sees to it that a firm resolve is established within the course of rewriting and that the output relies heavily on facts and figures. Similarly, the presentation of the paper’s substance must be supported by arguments that strictly adhere to objectivity as reflected in the quantity of evidence utilized and the accompanying vocabulary to state it. This way, fairness in critique or judgement and sound transactions among correspondences are sustained for whenever one optimizes making reference to factual input, it deflects the tendency to deliver opinion on subject matter. Moreover, during business paper revision, the appropriate usage of prepositions is well observed besides grammar and spelling check for all terms used.
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