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Business : instruction manual

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Business Coursework: Instruction Manual
Operating a printer/scanner unit type 2018
This instruction manual includes detailed instructions as well as notes on how to operate printer/scanner type 2018. Everyone has to pay close attention for their own benefit and safety. It’s therefore important for each and every person to read it carefully before operating the machine. The manual should also be kept handy just in case one wanted a quick reference. Usually, the scanner function becomes available when the Scanner/Printer option is immediately installed in the machine.
Getting started
Start by pressing the scanner function key so as to activate. Secondly press the printer key so as to activate it as well. Indicators will generally then display machine status or errors. There are numerous other keys which one needs to familiarize himself/herself with. These include the display keys, selection keys, scroll keys, user tools key, clear/stop key, operation switch, main power indicator, online key, data indicator, number key, Ok key and escape key(Beal, 2011).
Before the machine can be used, one must make sure that all electrical and environmental requirements are adhered to. The machine should be connected to the host computer by use of a network interface component or USB port. The user should also ensure that all connectors, cables, as well as electrical outlets needed for connecting the machine to host network or computer are nearby. The machine can be connected to the host network or computer by use of a cable. This instruction manual assumes that one knows the general Windows practices and procedures (Beal, 2011).
Auto run-The CD-ROM drive automatically begins the installer on insertion of the CD. The installer assists an individual in installing of the software and printer drivers easily. Immediately plug and play begins, one should click [Cancel] in [Device Driver Wizard][New Hardware Found] dialog box , followed by insertion of CD-ROM. The [New Hardware found] box usually appears; something that is dependent on Windows version being used. It is important to note that Auto Run might not operate with particular operating systems. In case of this happening, one should launch “ setup. exe” on the root directory of the CD-ROM (Beal, 2011).
For one to stop Auto Run, s/he needs to push the left [shift] key while inserting the CD-ROM inside the drive and keeping it pressed till the computer terminates reading from the CD-ROM. Installing software by use of Auto Run needs permission from the administrator under Windows Server 2003. Installing software by use of Auto Run one needs to log on using an account which has the permission of administrator. For one to operate the printer function, s/he ought to first ensure that the printer driver is supplied from the CD-ROM (Beal, 2011).
While installing the printer driver, all applications presently running ought to be stopped. Secondly make sure the CD-ROM is inserted inside the CD-ROM drive. This automatically starts the driver installer. Thirdly, one needs to choose an interface language in addition to clicking [OK]. Generally the default language is normally English. The fourth step is clicking [DDST Printer Drivers] which starts the installer. Accept the software license agreement (terms and conditions), then click [Next]. The sixth step is following the displayed instructions that enable one to install DDST Printer Drivers and if asked to restart the computer after installation, then do so. It’s important to note from this juncture that the printer driver is already installed, the plug and play has also been enabled as well as the icon of the printer linked to the “ USB” port has been appended to the [Printers]/[printers and faxes] window. Further details in regard to using the printer function through Ethernet under Windows 98SE/ME, can be found in the Network Guide (Beal, 2011).
http://support. ricoh. com/bb_v1oi/pub_e/oi/0001029/0001029632/VB2807900/B2807900. pdf

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