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Business ethics

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In general being completely responsible for the miserable state of modern transportation” (Span), this is actually not entirely the case. GM was simply doing what it thought would best help its business, and it did what it felt it had to do, even if it was illegal. This scandal, however, did help root out the electric bus system, and pave the way for the automobile industry as we now see it today.
Secondly, the new buses also set up new, better forms of transportation for people to use. The ” the reception was generally favorable”(Span), and most people liked the new bus system over the old one. Were the practices that got them there corrupt Of course, but all the people in the cities saw were new cleaner, more efficient modes of transportation.
The third consequence of the scandal was the effect is had on GM’s image. Maybe theorists still believe the whole thing was a plan to undermine the United States government. And that kind of press going around about a company is not good for business.
In conclusion, while the affair was illegal and GM prosecuted, there were also many positive things to come from the GM Street Car Scandal. Even with the bad press surrounding the whole event, there were positive sides to the illegal buying up of streetcars as well, and people need to remember everything that came out of the scandal, not just the negative side.

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