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British broadcasting corporation (bbc)

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the world’s largest public service broadcaster that was founded in 1992 with the aim of educating, entertaining and enriching the public with information conveyed through broadcasted programs. The expansion and success of BBC can be attributed to the business-level strategies that the corporation implements from the time the company was established to present. BBC was able to incorporate strategies into its organizationalculturewhich ensured it gained competitive advantage.

The corporation gave its organization a unique identification mark that was appealing to customers when it opened stand alone stores that were highly visible, provided ample parking space and located the stores in urban areas which contain large numbers of potential customers (Hill & Gareth, 2004). Moreover, the corporation identified its customers, their needs and thus implemented strategies that were geared towards satisfying their demands. For instance the corporation offered a wide variety of tapes a fact that ensured BBC met the desires of its customers.

The corporation was also able to manage a long lasting relationship with its customers by devising a strategy that allowed customers to stay longer with the rented movies a mechanism that helped the corporation to further fulfill the needs of its customers (Hill & Gareth, 2004). Furthermore, BBC offered and enhanced superiority value to its organizational culture and reputation by employing efficient strategies which allowed customers to access the tapes easily and at a faster rate by arranging them alphabetically and separating new movie releases from the older ones.

The corporation also incorporated advancedtechnologyinto its operations which allowed customers to have a comfortable and easy time while at the store, for instance the use of the laser bar-code scanner technology to access required information from the movie cassettes and customers’ ID tags thereby consuming little time of customers (Hill & Gareth, 2004).

Although the corporation has managed to open and successfully run BBC branches globally it was also faced with challenges that forced it to close down some of its stores this is because of the improper market research strategies the corporation implemented to learn and get acquitted with the marketenvironment, the likes and dislikes of prospective customers. For instance BBC was forced to close down the stores it had opened up in Hong Kong and China because the profitability of the corporation was challenged by piracy which is highly ranked in China because of poor implementation of patent policies and regulations.

BBC was also forced to close down the stores it had opened in Germany because the corporation was unable to fulfill the desires of the consumers that demanded provision of movies and programs which containedviolenceand sex rated captions in their themes, demands that were against the principles and policies of the corporation (Hill & Gareth, 2004). In 1927 the British Monarchy granted the Corporation a Royal Charter protecting it’s independence from the manipulation and influences of private and governmental sectors a fact that enables the organization to cater fully to the needs of its customers.

The products and services provided by BBC are original because of the opportunity that the charter prevails of allowing the corporation to be innovative thus providing products that are of high quality. BBC is also able to easily penetrate into the global market where it widens its scope of customers and utilizes the resources prevailed to maximize its operations, performance and profitability.

However, BBC must enact public value in all its operations and has no control of members appointed to run the corporation because the appointments are done by the Queen under the advice of ministers. Since it is a state corporation, BBC can not make decisions that are geared towards benefiting the organization without considering the welfare of the society like private sectors do (Hill & Gareth, 2004). Word Count: 632 Reference List Hill, W. C. & Gareth, R. J. (2004). Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach, Annual Update. 6th Ed. Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin.

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