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Brinker type of guys

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Brinker is that special type of guy who always smells good, dresses cool, is a model student and also he is like a born leader, but throughout the novel the change of brinker happens slowly, the change happens from a model student to a school rebel. nevertheless, from the beginning to the end of the novel there is a persistence dislike from brinker to Gene, this hate increases throughout the novel. But especially his hate increases Expeditiously when, gene pushes finny off the tree.

Because Brinker realises that: Gene did it on purpose. After winter holidays when they return to school, gene chooses finny as he roommate for the year, at the end finny never appears because he was still in recovery after his injury, ” I’ll bet you knew all the time Finny wouldn’t be back this fall. That’s why you picked him for a roommate, right?”, also after finny returns to School, both are taken by brinker and three suddens to the assembly room to judge Gene about finny’s accident, ” We’re taking you out,” he said flatly (said brinker) .

When finny leaves school because of his injury he leaves the power to any one who want´s it, briker quickly assumes it. Also, Brinker`s attitude and way of thinking at the end compared to the beginning, is more mature than the other boys, also his acceptance of war and his enthusiasm to enlist seems to decrease throughout the story and by the end, he seems to refuse war and his enthusiasm to enlist is null. but nearer to the beginning hismotivationto keep studying and be the best student was to think he would participate in the war, this is shown, ” Ready to sign up?” he shouted before he was through the door.

” You ready to en—Finny!”, but like brinker’s attitude towards gene, his eager to enlist slowly decreases, {Brinker broke in, ” the Coast Guard does some very rough stuff, putting the men on the beaches, all that dangerous amphibious stuff.”} at this point of the novel brinker is already not that much enthusiastic about the idea of enlisting, he is defending his idea to enlist but not like before, earlier in the novel he not even would let someone discuss with him. This shows the grown of Brinker and his ideas

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