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Leadership in a Society that’s Not So Service-Centric There is this one thing I have learned from a book I have read before that basically sums up how I deem one’s future and success. It corrected the old notion that talent is everything to get someone to the top. Instead, it inculcated in me that talent is just a bonus a person is lucky to be given. However, the key to success is actually the opportunities one is given which is greatly shaped by society.
A society shapes how we look at success. It dictates which kids get into soccer training team or perhaps a scholarship in school based on their initial show of knowledge and skill. However, what we miss to realize is that those who fail to make a good impression does not necessarily translate to someone’s real potential at something.
Just like today’s notion of a not so service-centric yet title focused notion of leadership, I would say that this diminishes the impact of leadership to people & society as a whole. What society misconstrues is that it looks at leadership closely based on what it is called, highlighting the role of being a “ leader” instead of looking at it as a responsibility of being able to lead a group with different capacities, beliefs & personalities. With this said, I would say that the most effective leader is measured not only based on whether a certain goal is achieved but most importantly, how one imparted wisdom & helped each member of a team to perform significantly in a group. As it is said, it is not only the destination that counts, but also the journey where all the learning happens.
How Leaderships Builds Character
The first clear shot each of us had on leadership would probably be in school when we are required to work in groups for a certain project. Though each of us have different experiences what is common to all would be the fact that in the real world, some people would have to take on the role of a leader while others as followers.
Though a lot of us still have not learned to appreciate the beauty of a follower’s role, one of the things that we might miss from focusing too much on taking the role of a leader would be the fact that being a follower intensely shapes one’s character more than being a leader. Why? Well, first of all, being a follower which is invisibly looked down on in society would teach one to be humble especially when one gets his or her first run on obedience. Aside from which, what makes it even harder would be when you encounter a situation where your adrenaline knows deep down that your idea is better than what is being presented but you have to submit just because leaders are somewhat in authority of their team members. Though this does not seem like an ideal situation to be in especially with the intellectual freedom being promoted in society, it in turn teaches one to be able to handle a variation of opinions where one needs to be at the back end at times. But do not get me wrong, being in the side lines doesn’t make one a weaker player. Take a boat for example. How can it deliver on bringing people from one place to another without sinking if there are no riggers on both sides? With this said, I believe that the those who had the most roles as a follower end up being the most successful people today.

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