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Biochemistry at indiana university

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The paper ” Biochemistry at Indiana University” is a great example of an application/admission essay on education. I believe that life is all about making the best of every opportunity one gets. Life requires people who know what they want and works towards achieving exactly that. I went to North Central High School in Indianapolis and graduated in 2013. I took my time to make the best out everything I had, and that made me better at what I did. Currently, my GPA stands at 2. 6, which I am looking forward to continually, improve. I want to pursue a BS in Biochemistry at your institution because I believe it is the best way of changing the situation in my society as well as make better changes at things that happen in the world. In many avenues, Biochemistry can be used to change the world, and I want to make the best out my knowledge to help in making this a reality. I love learning new things and always make better changes to my schedules to make sure that I capitalize on everything I have. I started for three semesters as the Ivy Tech Community College so that I could get a chance to join IU. This shows that I am more resilient and will take any route necessary to achieve my dreams. I have undergone various hurdles in my life, and I believe that education is a step closer to achieving what I want. I look forward to joining IU because I want to benefit from the knowledge of the tutors herein and make new friends. I believe in networking because it allows people to appreciate others. I will do all I can to meet the demands of the learning environment and improve with every assessment given. My dream is to get the most out IU, and I believe that being part of the team will be a big boost to my dreams. I believe in teamwork and I involve myself in soccer that proves teamwork pays. Generally, the growth of society is dependent on such attributes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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