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Bill proposal

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This bill will require all police stations to make sure all of thee r officers take a est. every year over information learned at police academy, including civil right TTS, state and local laws, incident reporting, crime investigation, constitutional law, and criminal ppsychology. This bill will also require that if an officer makes below a 75% on the test, they will have to take classes in order to pass the test before they can resume work. This bill will be implemented by the chief police officers of each station in the state.

Also, there will be test ad ministration who create the test with the appropriate information listed above from the police academy. Police chiefs will require and make sure that all of their officers take the test and pas s, if they do not test the officers, the station will be fined $5, 000 dollars. This bill will need funding for the test administrators. The funds will come from themoneymade from certain traffic c violations. It will be enforced by the head of each police station, they will require for their office errs to take the test and be rectified.

The agencies involved in this bill include all of the police SST actions, police academies of the state, and the test administrators. The police stations will be responsible for giving the tests for recertification, and the test administrators will have to word k with the police academies in order to create the yearly tests. The reasoning behind this bill is to reinforce the important information police officers learn during training, so that they are ABA el to perform their job in an accurate manner. This bill will make the actions of police officers MO re trustworthy and reliable due to the fact that their knowledge is up to date and enforced.

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