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Big five inventory

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Personality traits and tendencies determine what kind of personality they have. Some traits can be tracked using an assessment to determine a person’s tendencies towards different behaviors. The personality traits of the “ Big Five Inventory” help us determine many things including how a person would respond to different stimulus. The traits can also help to determine different forms of emotional or personality disorders that can in fact be controlled or guided into a more normal and socially acceptable behavior.

The Big Five Inventory measures the five broad dimensions of personality and include, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Openness to Experience (or Intellect). There are a few tests to determine the outcome of the Big Five Personality Traits which include; Big Five Aspect Scales or BFAS, The International Personality Item Pool developed by Lew Goldberg, The NEO PI-R and NEO-FFI, and the Big Five Inventory or BFI which is what we will be using for our research in this paper.

We will be measuring the Five Personality Traits and determine what type of personality they have. ? Introduction Every personality is different however some have different traits which makes that person more unique. Each of the questionnaires is meant for the individual themselves to answer from their own perspective which gives a different view on how someone perceives themselves instead of how someone else may perceive them.

What is most fascinating about the “ Big Five Inventory” is that no two people are identical and there is no such thing as a normal range. The Big Five Inventory consists of questions to determine the five specific personality traits that are consistent in all people. When looking at the five traits I will explain what each one signifies. Extraversion would signify how talkative, energetic or assertive a person is. Agreeableness would signify how sympathetic, affectionate or kind a person is.

Conscientiousness signifies how well planned, organized or thorough. Neuroticism or Emotional Stability would signify how anxious, moody or tense someone is. Openness to Experience or Intellect/Imagination would include traits such as how wide their interests are, how imaginative or insightful the person is. In saying that every person is different and unique we have to have a way to measure each person’s particular strengths and weaknesses to help determine how they can handle certain stimulus.

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