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Being a man is easier than being a woman

ESL 101 Tammy Cai Instructor: Mrs. Tucker Being a Man is Easier Than Being a Woman Since 1920, women finally got the right to vote throughout the nation. Gender discrimination was resolved from the surface. Nevertheless, the discrimination against women still exist like an invisible statue. I still can feel it right now. “ JoEllen Dillon, a non-equity corporate partner at Reed Smith, reached a settlement in a gender discrimination suit she filed in December. In the suit, she alleged that women partners at the firm were paid less than their male colleagues, ” stated Brian Baxiter, American Lawyer. The typical case shows that this discrimination really exists. Also, I found a lot of evidence which let me think that being a man is easier than a woman. Some may think that men pay all expenses during a date or a marriage. A woman can stay at home if she desires, but a man has to work and support his family. It is not always easy for a man. However, is it a benefit to stay home and become a homemaker for a woman who graduated from a college or university? Actually for many women, it is torture. First, being a man is easier because men don’t have reproductive issues. For me, PMS is the most painful issue because of hormonal imbalance. Meantime, I get emotional problems during a period, and I get angry easier than normal time. I become more sensitive about everything. I have a female friend who used to suffer from very serious PMS. The doctor gave her medicines to control her hormonal imbalance. Do men need to suffer PMS? The answer is absolutely no. Women get pregnant, deliver and nurse babies, which are natural. Pregnancy takes a long time waiting during which women become fatter than before, this symptom is edema. If she can’t get rid of the edema, she would keep this edema for long times. Another issue is during pregnancy, doctor will recommend women eat the food with lots of Calcium. When the fetus is growing, it needs lots of Calcium which the fetus absorbs from mother’s body. The mother’s body unconditionally supplies nutrition that the fetus needs. Therefore, during pregnancy a woman’s body lacks nutrition especially lack of Calcium. Calcium deficiency may cause some diseases. There are some diseases that arise because someone is low in calcium, such as bone loss (osteoporosis), reduced immune, bone muscle pain, reduced memory and many more. Even women go well ten months. Women face the high risk of delivery babies’ problem, and it is painful and dangerous. “ Each year, according to the WHO, ill-health as a result of pregnancy is experienced (sometimes permanently) by more than 20 million women around the world. Furthermore, the ‘ lives of eight million women are threatened, and more than 500, 000 women are estimated to have died in 1995 as a result of causes related to pregnancy and childbirth’” stated in Wikipedia. Another example, I have a church sister, who has a severe spinal column problem because of anesthesia problem during a labor. She sometimes loses movement and it becomes the biggest problem in her life right now. Also, nursing babies has some unpredictable problems. For man, those problems will never happen and free to worry. No delivering pain, no ten months pregnant, no taking a risk, being a man is obviously easier than a woman. Second, being a man easier than being a woman because men do not have to worry about their appearance as much as women. In most countries, women put on make up as a normal manner. For instance, in America or Japan, if women go to a work place without make up, it will become unexpected and unprofessional. However, make up for some women take long time to finish it. Especially for me, it is a challenge. I used to spend one hour to make up. It is sounds ridiculous; however, it is true. I have heard one of my friends spend two hours just for perfect make up. As a result, I need to wake up early to have enough time to put make up on. I am always short of sleep. I find that after three hours my make up will be absorbed by my skin and also mixed which dirty dust. I need to swab my face and put more foundation in my face. Long time heavy make up and an unclean face may cause skins progeria, acne problem. If you turn on your TV or open a fashion magazine, you will see countless cosmetic advertisements that catch females’ attentions. I will think about buying this or that new available merchandise. Yet, cosmetics prices are very high. For example, a 15ml bottle of eye cream will cost 45 to 90 dollars. It only can be used about 2 months. Every woman has at least 10 bottle of cosmetics, I have a female friend who has hundreds bottles. Being a woman, you will face a high cost of your make up. Is it a problem for a man? Of course it is not a problem for a man. No make up or expensive cosmetic troubles, being a man easier than being a woman. Work place discrimination is the most important reason that let people feel that being a man easier than being a woman. Even though the Equal Pay Act was signed into law almost 50 years ago, the JoEllen Dillon’s law suit problem isn’t disappearing. However, why are men’s paychecks still bigger than women’s? Economists already give the answer because of discriminations. “ As more women have received more degrees, their earnings have increased – up 33 percent since 1979 – but not enough to equal men’s average annual earnings. Across all levels of education, women still earn only 75 percent as much as their male counterparts, ” stated Stacey Newman, state Representative Missouri House District. As a result, women always feel unfair during their working. Another reason, most successful people are man, most of the fortune 500 companies’ CEOs and CFOs are male. For instance, I have heard the hospital Human Resource would like to hire a male Registered Nurse. For female, our job opportunities get narrow. On the other hand, male have wide job opportunity. In China, when a company’s Human Resource thinking about hiring a female employee whose age are between 25-30 years old, they will think about if she get married and having a baby will be a problem. It is really effected the result whether the female get hire or not. All in all, that invisible discrimination really influences most females’ life. I think that my life is harder than a male’s. Women have to go through some things that men don’t. For example, Painful periods and imbalanced hormonal feelings are something only women experience. Being a female has painful childbirth and 10 months of edema. Having to make sure your makeup and hair always look good, and difficulty in choosing nice clothes that also fit well with a big bust is always difficult for women. Accept the same job duty and spend the same times, but receive the lower pay than man is unfair for women. The position opening, but it is marked male only. During an interview, several times the HR mention about baby plans. All of those reasons really affect females’ lives. I wish I could be a man living in this world, because it is easier than being a woman. WORKS CITED Baxter, Brian. “ Reed Smith, Former Female Partner Reach Accord in Discrimination Suit” Amlawdaily. com 5 May, 2011 Web. 31 May. 2011 “ Complications of pregnancy “ Wikipeida. org 18 April 2011 Web. 31 May. 2011 Newman, Stacey. “ Why are men’s paychecks still bigger than women’s? ” stltoday. com 12 April, 2011 Web. 31 May. 2011

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