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Automated payroll system

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The Payroll System project is for small company and medium scale industries. The system is very useful for the payroll transactions. It can make the work for payroll administrator more easily and the system is systematic than using the manually. The Payroll System can solve much problem face by payroll administrator, for example, the calculation for the salary will automatic calculate by the system. In addition, it can improve the time efficiency and provide environment and paperless.

Strategy: The company want to have an automated payroll system. The recommended strategy for this project would be buy a software off-the-shelf package. There are a lot of software such as payroll system are being made and sell in the market. And they can be much cheaper and will be implemented faster than developing it in-house. The developer of the system is capable of modifying the system depends on the company’s requirements.

Methodology: The recommended methodology for this is Prototyping method, since we already have the built off-the-shelf payroll system that we consider as the Prototype, and the developer will be able to modify the system for the company, we can now easily adjust the system to make it compatible within the company.

Background of the Company

AlphaGate was built in the year 2008. It was been founded by Mr. Eric Moore and also the current CEO of the company. AlphaGate is a Telecommunication Company that specializes in providing a Call Center services in different companies in the Philippines.

The current Payroll System that the AlphaGate had was manually processing of salaries using a time sheet for timing in and timing out and transfer it to Microsoft Excel for easy calculation of salaries.

The Five Departments of AlphaGate has a fifteen employees on each departments. * Marketing Department * Financing Department * IT Department * Human Resource Department * Accounting Department

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