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Atypical development

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Atypical development: This paper is primarily based on a largely spoken and conflict-ridden issue regarding atypical development. Defective mental condition forms the bedrock of autism and the affected individual has trouble in establishing relationships and comprehending language concepts. In the video “ A Conversation with Temple Grandin” (cited in www. npr. org, 2006), the interview with Temple Grandin who suffers from autism, helped me understand that it is definitely not feasible living with this biological problem as Grandin narrates that she got kicked out of her high school because apparently she appeared bored of studies. Grandin claims that her science teacher in the special education centre motivated her a lot thus helping her develop her area of strength. One of the many important things mentioned by Grandin is that there are myriad misconceptions related to autism. People think that a child suffering from autism is unable of doing any good to his/her life, which is a pure misapprehension. Grandin proved this belief to be groundless by achieving big feats in her life by writing valuable books related to autism. Any developmental psychologist or parent can benefit a lot from Grandin’s interview for building up the abilities of a child with autism. Grandin claims that autism does not mar the capabilities of an individual rather the visual thinking skills of a child with autism can be used for designing. Artistic minds tend to be less social and there should be a teacher working with the children with autism to teach them social interaction in an order to keep their minds connected to the outer world. The parents can build on their child’s thinking and social abilities by restraining from letting him/her watch television all day long. Rather, they should try teaching him/her basic concepts of language and ways to interact with people. Reference: www. npr. org. (2006). A Conversation with Temple Grandin. Retrieved from http://www. npr. org/templates/player/mediaPlayer. html? action= 1&t= 1&islist= false&id= 5165123&m= 5165124).

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