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Assignment 04 Lecturer Assignment 04 Examples of the System s The desired The example provided by David K. Farkas of thedesired state is to climb Mount Rainier. This is on page 43.
The prerequisite state: The prerequisite state examples of climbing Mount Rainier are appropriate equipments, good weather and reasonable physical conditioning. This is on page 43.
Interim states: The examples of interim states of climbing Mount Rainier are tamping the snow down and dislodging masses of snow. This is on page 43.
Unwanted states: Storms on the way may prevent climbing the mountain. This is on page 43.
The steps are brief. Every step contains a concise closely related and short action statements (two). Others consists of supplementary sentences explaining how the system responds to the action. The steps are brief and directly relate to the point (Karreman et al., 2005).
The formatting is simple. This is evident from the association with the steps. The steps are in form of simply formatted paragraphs even where tables and graphs are used.
The steps use action statements built around imperative verb. The imperative verb conveys the main action step. Although there is some introductory clause or phrase, the imperative verb is the major conveyance of the main action.
The writer indicates that there are some, although moderately little, information preceding the steps. There is a conceptual element; a title and a concise introductory clause. There is also a considerable quantity of accompanying information in form of notes after the steps.
The steps include a title. The title is in a format of a noun phrase. Not all steps have a conceptual element. Never the less, most of the steps have the conceptual element elaborating the title as well as providing other helpful information on performing the procedure. Again, the infinitive subheading is used sparingly (Hovde, 2010). The subheadings have been used where there are multiple steps appearing under the same title. The steps are mandatory and consist of a description of the system responses, action statements as well as other related information. These enable the user to execute and determine if the procedures will be worth following. Some steps contain purpose explanations. The notes, as indicated above, are outside the introductory paragraph. The notes contain only the information needed.
The procedural information in this manual is useful. This is because it helps the user to be able to distinguish the procedures from the others. The manual brings out the information as part of a variety of steering devices in the procedures. The procedural information is also useful because it provides information that is more useful to the user in understanding and deciding on the procedures. The procedures have been clearly brought out.
The system states are the targets presented, or are available to a user. They consist of the desired state, prerequisite state, interim state and the unwanted state. These are important because they clarify the operation of procedural discourse, thus, they help in writing effective procedures. The defining characteristics of streamlined step procedures are that they are efficient, straightforward, economical, simple, and are very consistent. These characteristics help in efficient production and writing. This step is also extremely prevalent.
The key components in the steps are action statements. They provide the user with guidance. A writer should take into account relationships and consistent logic when creating each component.
Hovde, M. R. (2010). Creating procedural discourse and knowledge for software users: Beyond translation and transmission. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 24(2), 164-205.
Karreman, J., Ummelen, N., & Steehouder, M. (2005, July). Procedural and declarative information in user instructions: What we do and dont know about these information types. In Professional Communication Conference, 2005. IPCC 2005. Proceedings. International (pp. 328-333). IEEE.

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