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Assignment 4 It is necessary for an organization to have adequate information support for all its activities so as to maintenance high standards in service delivery. This requires proper planning. Providing information is one of the most critical elements of the organization. Information maintenance has gradually shifted from being a role of IT specialists to being part and parcel of the management responsibility. Information maintenance lays emphasis on issues such as data security, user training, performance improvement, HIPAA rules among others (John and Kenneth 383). Access to technology has given way to continuous improvement and set standards for excellent service delivery.
Information services serve six different functions in the organization, namely; ensuring validity and reliability of data, storing and retrieving data, training support users, maintain data security, maintain communication and continuous improvement of the Information Services (John and Kenneth 388).
In recent years, IS has gradually risen to become a core utility in healthcare organizations. This is because of its reliance in supporting transactions necessary for healthcare processes, performing measures that steer improvement, as well as making learning much easier by improving the communication process. IS helps healthcare organizations to maintain high degrees of accuracy of information while also supporting effective communication. IS also helps in makes it easy for organizations to store and retrieve data, process the data in to useful sets of information, and plays a big role in training other users. The benefits of IS to an organization are seen through customer satisfaction, and improvements in clinical as well as other units of the healthcare organization (John and Kenneth 383).
The best way to implement Information Services is to view customers of the organization as services. All planning activities must be integrated with specific improvements in customer performance through improvements in patient care.
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