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As a healthcare administrator

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Adopting Cross-Industry Best Practices: A provider organizations case study demonstrates measurable results With the increasing cost of health care, it is inevitable that the public will become conscious of healthcare providers ability to give these services that would be of quality and effective. This new demand on healthcare providers requires “ requires healthcare providers to find more efficient, effective, and successful ways to meet these changes in expectations and demands” (Fosdick, 2005: 59).
To adapt to this new demands, healthcare institutions must go beyond the confines of the hospital and open themselves to cross industry best practices and find for ways that could make their service more responsive, efficient and cost-effective. Each industry has a peculiar organizational strength which healthcare providers can adopt in a healthcare setting to achieve a desired result.
As a Healthcare Administrator, there two cross industry practices that I would adopt. First, is the Six Sigma and second is Supply Management. The adoption of the Six Sigma in other healthcare providers proved to be successful. The first benefit of implementing Six Sigma is that the cost associated with the program can easily be defrayed with the organizational efficiency that Six Sigma can facilitate. Productivity increased by 14 percent that could translate to an additional margin of $500, 000. Supply Chain Management will enable us to better control our inventory. In addition, this can also provide improved availability of supplies in the hospital. Overall, these two programs can translate to savings and greater margin to the healthcare institution by just being effective and efficient with the process of providing healthcare service.
Fosdick, Glenn A. (2005). Adopting Cross- Industry Best Practices. Healthcare Executive. Vol. 20 Issue 2, p58-60

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