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Article summary: Aviation and environment affiliation Aviation and environment Aviation is a vital part of every nation’s economy. The air transport industry provides movement of goods and people throughout the globe enhancing the global growth in the economy. In the last four decades, the aviation industry has tremendously evolved providing an increase in mobility. Despite the progress in the industry, there is a compelling urge to tackle the issues that arose with the establishment of airline services.
The article expounds on environmental effects of air transport, which needs urgent attention. Immediate actions are, therefore, required in dealing with the interdependency challenges of aviation such as the quality of the local air, climatic impacts and noise. In the twenty-first century, the fundamental constraints of air transport are the environmental impact aviation has on the environment. As a result of the high demand for aviation services globally, there is an increasing emission of pollutants to the environment. In addition, there has been a slow progress on noise reduction. Several people are affected by these side effects from air transport. Despite these, the effects of the air transport are increasing as the economy and demand for aviation services grow globally. If not addressed adequately and quickly, the environmental impact of air transport may prove to be the primary constraint to the growth of air transport in the modern century (Ian Waitz, Jessica Townsend, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Edward Greitzer, & Jack Kerrebrock, 2004).
Environmental pollution not only come from air transport, several other means of transport such as motor vehicles, trains, ships gravely contribute to the impact seen in the environment. From the article, we can learn about the harmful effects of pollution. Despite the fact that evolution of transport systems such as air transport plays an enormous role in shaping the global economy and transports the fact remains that the environment is seriously affected. If the issues are not tackled the economy and the transport system will be soon get affected too.
Waitz. I., Townsend. J., Cutcher-Gershenfeld. J., Greitzer. E., & Kerrebrock. J. (2004). Report to the United States Congress AVIATION AND THE ENVIRONMENT A National Vision Statement, Framework for Goals and Recommended Actions 1, 9–55.

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