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I located an article on CNN. Com the article is ” Why we should not legalizemarijuana”. The author states that marijuana is the commonly abused illegal drug in the U. S. , and around the world. The author also states that marijuana makes it totally impossible for a person using it to function and live a normal daily life. The author believes everyone who uses this drug she have penalties against them. I disagree, because the author is not stating facts and the information she provided In the article does is not reliable because she is going off of her opinions.

I know many people who smoke marijuana and many people who use other drugs. Marijuana would not do much harm, I know a lot of people who are successful college graduates who used marijuana all throughout college and in their careers. Although I have never smoked a day in my life. I have reliable sources who have and decided to question them. I questioned friends who smoke marijuana, and friends who used to smoke marijuana. In my Interviews with friends and a fewfamilymembers the ones who smoked told me It relaxes them and helps them focus more and have a clear vision on the things.

The ones who quit says marijuana helped them perform better in school and feelstressfree and that the only reason they quit was because of employment purposes. There are other drugs out there such as crack cocaine that can cause bodily harm and damage and even death while using, or overdose. You can not over dose on marijuana, marijuana can not cause serious harm. Being that marijuana can not cause you any serious harm or causes anyone to lose their life. I think It should be legalized and people should not get In trouble for having It. It should be their choice since no serious side effects occur

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