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Appearances are deceptive

We spend a lot of time checking our appearances in the mirror. Is that because our appearance is important to us or to other people? Our appearance is the aspect that one may see from the exterior/outside parts of our body. It is the first thing that other people see; therefore the one that will serve as the basis of what they call “ first impressions”. Take note, not all impressions will already tell you that a person possesses that kind of trait or character. That is why, I say – Appearances are truly deceptive.

For us people, it is natural that we judge things according to what we see. My example is a candy with a very nice wrap/ cover or w/ shiny texts on it and with colourful designs. Isn’t it that we assume that it also tastes nice and sweet? And when the wrapper looks cheap and dull, we automatically register in our minds that it is not a good candy and or we would rather not choose those candies. It is same as through with people. When you see a person with a very nice dress, matching long hair and angelic look, you will conclude that she is nice to be with. After spending time together, you found out that she turned out to be a brat and a horrible friend. Then, that would only be the time that you will feel cheated and was failed by the way she looks. Our appearances are ambiguous and that causes one to believe what is not true.

Before knowing the person, take the neutral side. Do not believe on what you and your friends think. “ It is very easy to form a negative opinion about a person because you don’t like the way he looks; this will become like barriers for further communication between you and this person”. So from that, I say when you look at people also take into considerations their inner beauty not just by what their cover shows you.

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