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SchemaA concept or framework that organizes and interprets information. The participants in the study have formed a perception that the male is the aggressor. Jessie might have thought that all firefighters were male and had to change her schema when she saw a female firefighter. Retroactive InterferenceThe disruptive effect of new learning on the recall of old information. The photographs that were shown later may interfere with the details of the public park photograph. ONAP PSYCHOLOGY ESSAY REVIEW SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowRepresentativeness HeuristicJudging the likelihood of things in terms of how well they represents particular prototypes. The male represents a more aggressive prototype and the female represents a more non-aggressive prototype. Therefore, the male is seen as an aggressor. Confirmation biasThe tendency to search for information that confirms a preconception. The participants preconceive that there is aggression and look for aggression in the public park photo. The female does not fit their preconceptions as an aggressor, where areas the male does. FramingThe way an issue is presented. The way the researchers present the photo will effect what the participants will percieve from that photo. Opposing Tendencies of AppetiteWhen your stomach is empty, your appetite increases; when your stomach is full, your appetite decreases. This is because your body requires glucose, which it obtains from the food in your stomach, for energy. Opposing Tendencies of the Autonomic Nervous SystemThe autonomic nervous system has both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic which are responsible for arousing and calming the body, respectively. Opposing Tendencies of Color VisionThe opponent process theory of color vision states that we perceive color with two different color pairings; blue and yellow and red and green. Opposing Tendencies of Drug UseDrug use can provoke either tolerance, requiring more of a drug for the same effect, or withdrawal, getting sick when a drug is discontinued. Opposing Tendencies of Nerve FiringNeurons go through a process of depolarization in there is an influx of ions. The opposite process of depolarization, repolarization occurs when the ions are pushed out. EgocentrismEgocentrism occurs when someone can’t understand the perspective of others. Jessie may not know that her brother is not interested in listening to her story because she can only see in her perspective. Observational LearningObservational learning occurs when someone imitates an observed behavior. If Jessie imitates how a firefighter stopped, dropped and rolled, she would be portraying the effects of observational learning. Overregularization or Overgeneralization in LanguageOvergeneralization in language occurs when a grammar rule is not used correctly. For example while explaining her adventure to her brother, Jessie may make a word plural when it is supposed to be in the singular form. Reconstructive MemoryReconstructive memory occurs when someone fills in a gap of their memory by adding in false memories. An example would be if Jessie adds in false details than what she actually saw. The Mere Exposure EffectThe longer Ellie spends time with the club, the more they will like her. Mnemonic DeviceEllie can use a mnemonic device to help remember the club members’ names. Schachter Two-Factor TheoryEllie’s heart rate may begin to increase after she attends the meeting and she may perceive that positively. Locus of ControlIf Ellie has an internal locus of control she may make friends easier because she would be more confident. In-Group BiasIf the club members express in group bias, they may look down upon another club that Ellie has joined and it will hinder her ability of making friends. RegressionIf the club members see Ellie sucking on her thumb because the stress at school caused her to revert to childish behavior, they may reject her friendship. Operant ConditioningIf the club members are rude to Ellie she may not return to the club. Circadian RhythmIf the meetings are held in the mornings and Ellie is drowsy in the morning, it may inhibit her ability of making friends. 2 Characteristic Symptoms of SchizophreniaDisorganized thinking and delusionsResearch that Supports a Genetic Base for SchizophreniaAdoption studies confirm that you are more likely to have Schizophrenia if a parent has it. Dopamine HypothesisSchizophrenia is a result of the overactivity of DopamineMedications for SchizophreniaMedications for Schizophrenia may block the receptors of neurotransmitters. Risk of Schizophrenia MedicationPotential overdoseDifference Between Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity DisorderMultiple personalities for DID and hallucinations for Schizophrenia

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