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Antonio palomino on velazquez

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Antonio Palomino on Velazquez According to Palomino, Velazquezs Las Meninas artwork was a great piece of work that was done in Spain. Several analysts criticized the art while others gave it credit due to the rich cultural meaning behind it. Palomino is among those who appreciated the creativity in the piece of work. The masterpiece in the work starts from the setting of the picture.
Palomino argues that the picture was done in an elaborate manner that can only be matched by a competent artist. It contains places that are shown in perspective, accompanied by the intermixing of light and darkness. The painter used the colors cleverly. The pictures communicate vitality. However, Palomino argues that the importance of the image is the interpretation of it.
Velázquez made excellent use of the brushwork, and the colors at his disposal. He used the brushes and colors to illustrate individuals who bring out the theme in his artwork. As such, Palomino considers him among the greatest painters to grace the work. Additionally, he argues that Las Meninas was made excellent use of portrait, self-portrait, illusion, and reality to portray humanity. Velázquez also uses the likeness, romance, and propaganda in the painting. These are some of the qualities that make Palomino consider Velazquezs Las Meninas artwork outstanding.
There are also several other planes that make the artistic work fantastic. The first thing is the setting. The picture displays a house with a high ceiling, with little furniture, and found in the royal palace. It also indicates Velazquez was painting a canvas, a midget, and a dog, and a young princess. The Princess is accompanied by a dwarf and her maids. The background also shows a woman and a man, a wall that contains several pictures as seen from the mirror, and a woman in the doorway. These planes bring out the theme of humanity. The combination of the characters, setting, and color make Velazquezs Las Meninas artwork high in the eyes of Palomino.

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