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Anti-semitism in multicultural cultures

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Anti-semitism has inundated the world for many centuries. During the Holocaust, Germans attempted for the last time to exterminate the Jewish race. Their tactics resulted in deaths of almost an entire Jewish population spread across Europe and misery of millions of survivors.

Restrained and less dreadful varieties of anti-semitism have long interrupted lives of Jews across the world. Anti-semitism resulted in the decimation of religious Jewish communities, produced political and social factions, and complicated associations between various nations and operations of global organizations. For a mutually dependent world to keep functioning well, it is necessary to eradicate anti-semitism (Banks, 2009). At present, biased propagation by various types of media outlets, such as radio programs, newspapers and magazines, the internet and television, have greatly expanded the possibilities for anti-Semitist to distribute their falsehoods. Anti-hate regulations strive to offer some security but the reality is that the clause of freedom of expression espoused in all developed nations, limits possible measures by various authorities to curb production and distribution of such materials. Additionally, satellite televisions’ indoctrination programs can effortlessly move from one supplier to another while internet material is free and deliverable across intercontinental borders with hardly any impediments.

Adaptation of anti Semitism has drastically grown in the past years, and specifically targets Israel and other places inhabited by Jews. Anti-semitism is an intense variety of unreasonable hate, and should not be confused with tough criticisms of policies of the state of Israel (Banks, 2009). The variation of Jew-hatred is now identifiable as the “ new” anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is a worldwide problem that needs a harmonized multinational approach in combating it. This is by supporting and sustaining work of institutions and individuals devoted to the war against persecution of Jews, and implementing a variety of educational projects that publicize consequences of anti-Semitic stances.

It is also crucial to raise public awareness of any anti-Semitic activities, and give information on incidents to decision makers, educators, and journalists.

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