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Anorexia nervosa

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Journal Essay: Informative Speech Analysis on “ Anorexia Nervosa” My partner for this activity is Cheyanne, and she has a video in YouTube wherein she delivers an informative speech about anorexia nervosa. This paper is a short analysis of that particular presentation in terms of organization, delivery, and overall impression.
The start of the presentation immediately catches the attention of the audience. Cheyenne used the logos, pathos, and ethos devices in rhetoric. She used logos when she mentioned the startling fact that 50% of the population has had issues that could have led to anorexia nervosa. She used pathos when she appealed to the emotions of the audience by saying that they could probably be part of that statistics. For ethos, she mentioned that she is a recovering anorexic, making her more credible for the topic in the eyes of the audience. It is also easy to identify the main points — what it is, who is affected, and its repercussions — because Cheyanne mentions them at the onset of the presentation. The transitions from one point to another are clear because Cheyanne restates the main point before going further to discussing it. The citations or references are also easily identifiable either from her speech or via the visual aids. Towards the end of the speech, Cheyanne reviews the main points in the conclusion; however, the concluding piece is not so memorable. Cheyanne merely mentions that a person should approach and talk to anyone observed as having an eating disorder because anorexia is really a dangerous disease. In terms of delivery, the presentation is clear and to the point. However, some distracting non-verbal behaviors can be avoided, like walking and gesturing with the hands in just any manner. Lesser references to the notecards would also be helpful. Overall, the speech is informative and interesting, but it could still benefit from improvements in terms of delivery.
The presentation deserves 4 out of 5 stars. I did not lose interest while listening to Cheyanne. However, the presentations would look more professional and formal if there are lesser references to the notecards. Walking and hands/arm gestures can also be minimized by making the information or picture appear (or perhaps highlighted) on the screen once she refers to it.
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