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Critical Thinking ANIS 1006B Critical Thinking Short Story Critical Thinking Mr. Herman Good Eagle has several options to his lateness problem in order to avoid any further warnings from job. From the information given, Mr. Hermon has other people at home including his retired wife and three children. He also has all the time at his disposal. Just from the time he wakes up, to the time on the road. He, therefore, just need some critical thinking will be required to help him make a better decision and plan well his time to be able to make it at work on time.
The first option available for Mr. Herman to explore is to use the people he has back at home to help him get to work in time. First, he can request his wife, or the children to help him with the morning preparations, in case that is one of the reasons he gets late at work. He might be taking long cleaning his shoes or ironing his clothes before he gets to shower and do all the other preparations. To save on time, Mr. Herman can request his wife to help him prepare his clothes and shoes as he showers and makes other things ready. If he used to take 30 minutes preparing his clothes and shoes, he would be able to save the same amount of time. Hence, he will get to work on time. He can also assign duties to his children and ensure that all the preparations get completed before they go to sleep the previous night. The children can help with the duties of making sure that his clothes and shoes get prepared early enough to reduce the bulk of preparations in the morning.
The second option for Mr. Herman is to find a way of taking coffee at home and avoid wasting time at Tim Hortons. It is very possible, given that Hermans wife has retired, to prepare the breakfast or a coffee at home in the morning. It will allow Mr. Herman to take a coffee at home. Hence all that time he wastes at Tim Hortons will be used to proceed to work before the school bus blocks the road. His wife is at a good place to assist him with many things in the morning as he prepares since she has retired, hence, has no much to do or anywhere to go to so early. Still, with good planning and organization, Mr. Herman can manage his time well by waking up early and do some of the preparations by himself. The main aim here is for him to complete in time so that he can avoid getting stuck behind a school bus.
Lastly, Mr. Herman gets to work late due to the time he wastes chatting with his friends. To help him get to work in time, Mr. Herman can make arrangement to chat with his friends through the social media later or on the phone once he arrives at work or later in the day. On the same note, he can still decide to chat with his friends in the evening after work. At least, with that, he will be able to save much time and drive fast to work before he gets stuck behind a school bus or at a railroad crossing.

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