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Andy leadership

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How would you describe Andy competencies? Does Andy leadership suggest that one does not need all three skills in order to be effective? Answers: 1) I think there are two reasons, which might the keys of his success in business. Firstly, his approach is really great.

He knows that the real differences between restaurants are something more than tasty food. A good connection with customer is more important.

It is by the communications, he always know what is the customer real needs and always catch up with their the latest trendiest, so that he can attract more customers come. Secondly, he knows well about all his employees. He knows Neat is the merit and weakness of each of them, and then he can arrange their positions according to that information, so that they can work more efficiently and also feel comfortable to the working environment. ) According to the skills perspective, I think Kelly has a good technical skill, because she has adequate knowledge about the proficiency in her work, but she is not much DOD at deal with salespeople, which means that she need to improve his human skill, including how to communicate and work with her colleagues and so on. Compared with Kelly, Danville possesses strong human skills, because he know how to communicate with customer effectively and always know what are their needs.

On the other hand, Daniels weakness is his poor technical skills, because according to the case, he is lousy with numbers, however, as a business person, it is not a good sign. Technical skills are important during our daily works. Patrick, somehow same as Kelly, is weak on the people side, therefore he need to improve his human skills as Nell. 3) really admire Andy competencies, because he was definitely good at all the technical, human and conceptual skills, and I have already explained the detail in the question one.

I think that it is indeed not necessary that one person should be required to be perfect in all these three skills to effective.

Because everyone has his merits and weakness, what people should do is to realize what is their really good at or not, and according to consider what might be the most suitable Job for themselves, “ here they can really find out their value through their hard-working. For the leader, it is the same, managing the follower according to their different levels in the three skills. And also help them to make some improvements on their skills.

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