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Ancient judaism

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Ancient Judaism Ancient Judaism The evidence from the book s that ancient Judaism typically originated from Hebrew bible. The authors argue that the torah are most sacred books that were written in 400 B. C. When the temple was being constructed in Jerusalem, it is the same time the torah gained quasi-canonical status. The theme of temples and synagogue as presented in the Maccabbees and misnah presents a clear picture of how the temple and synagogue was important to the people of Judah (Shaye, 2006).
From my own point of view, the destruction of the altar at Beersheba signifies the revival that took place between King Hezekiah and Josiah about 621 BC. Another important issue that strikes me is whether the Baal stele representing the image of Baal is the one that Elijah challenged from during the mount Camel protest. The book portrays how the temple warning inscriptions were of great importance to the Jewish community during ancient time (Shaye, 2006). I perceive that the temple inscription is vital is vital understanding the study of biblical archaeology and gives us the real picture of how events unfolded in the temple or synagogue.
The book has helped gain insight on how the Maccabees ruled the Jews up to the time of Mishna publication in second century when Jesus Christ was on earth. In addition, the issues of intellectual, social, and literary aspects are well explained in trying to understand the literature of early Christianity.
During the time of Jesus, when he saw the inscription he understood that his own life would be used to save the gentiles go past their problems and barriers. The temple in ancient Judaism helped in major religious ceremonies in that it was a place specifically designed for education, charitable work, and prayer, as well a social place where only people from Judah were allowed to enter. This implies that they were very serious on matters concerning worship. It is also vital to note that the history of the temple as presented in this book depicts how Judaism developed from the time of Roman Empire up to the time of Jesus Christ. This conclusion is made after a careful analysis of how events unfolded in Judah (Shaye, 2004).
The bar kohba revolted against the roman empire which led to the establishment of an independent state in the same way students need to revolt against barbaric philosophies of these and strive to work hard as independent figures without influence from other people. Inaddition, Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai gave lectures of Rabban and Rebbe Gamliel even though he lived before them. from critical interpretation, it shows that a person should choose a straight path in life in order to be successful. It was therefore of great importance to include ben Zakkai to his students in the following of Mishna.
Judaism rabbis helped in writing down the oral torah in that the rabbis knew that teaching law orally compelled students to maintain good and close relationship with the teachers while teachers were best conveyors of Jewish culture. People were expected to know everything that the torah said on every aspect of life therefore, students should be vibrant to know what they need to do and what to avoid. According to Shaye (2006), it is vital to note that ancient Judaism was characterized by monotheism in that there was devotion to Jerusalem as a holy place or city. In addition, the Jewish people had strong belief in the messiah who came from King David lineage and would bring justice and peace on the universe. Priesthood entailed the situation whereby men were required to engage in sacrificial cult, which was carried out in the temple or synagogue. Moreover, the Maccabbee argues that different religious practices were conducted in the temple and strict laws were to be followed in order to build a just society. In Jewish society, Shabbat is the seventh day of the week, which signifies rest and should be observed keenly by all Jews people before sunset on Friday. during the Shabbat, Jewish remember biblical creation stories as portrayed in the Mishna, therefore, people need to recall their past experiences to guide them on what to . In addition, it is important to observe and appreciate the achievement of other people.
The oral torah needs to be put in writing before it will soon be forgotten. For instance, Yehuda HaNassi facilitates the leading sages of his era to edit and legitimize the first recording of the oral torah, which comprises the teachings of Moses. Torah helps students to abide by laid down rules and regulations for them to succeed in their life.
Shaye., J. D. (2006). Maccabees to the Mishnah. 2nd edition, New York: Westminster John Knox Press.

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