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An act of kindness

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Henry James has rightly said that “ Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind”. Kindness is the virtue that brings one closer to humanity and ultimately to God. It is a gesture of goodwill or sympathy to someone. Kindness is not restricted to help someone with material things like money, food, or clothes. Kindness also means sharing someone’s grief or pain or it also means to say a few kind words which could redress people’s grievances. Whoever performs an act of kindness, it is a message delivered from one heart to another generated from the inner self.

I cannot remember exactly which class I was. But I do remember the very first act of kindness I did to someone. One day, I was coming back home from my school that I saw a boy of my age begging on the signal. I was surprised to see that why the child of my age is begging instead of wearing a school uniform and books in the hand. I asked my father why there is so much difference between the two of us. My father replied that they are poor children and they cannot afford to buy uniform and school books. Their parents are forced to send them begging money and food so that they can feed their stomachs. I said to my father that I cannot see a child of my age begging on the road instead of studying in school. What could I do to help this urchin?

My father said that if you really want to do an act of kindness and help the poor kid, you should compromise on something you have and you love. God will be very happy with your kind act. Suddenly, something clicked my mind. I said to my father that I wanted to help the kid with money in my moneybox that I was saving for a year and a half to buy an x-box. So, I asked the child to stay there and I and my father rushed suddenly to home so that we could come back with money and help the child.

When I went home, I broke my moneybox and gathered all the money. Then I came back to the child with my father and gave the money to him so that he could buy a school uniform and books. My father promised that he would get the child admitted to the school the next day if he pledges to study. The child got very happy and thanked me a lot. It is a fact that I was a little disappointed that I would not be able to buy my x-box this year but the feeling of helping a deserving child was great. There was no bound of happiness and self-satisfaction.

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