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American literature

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a) The story is based on the idea of hate and revenge. The author’s main aim is to illustrate that love and hate remain part of human nature and are inseparable.
b) The story mainly targets young adults struggling to find what they can do with themselves and their contribution to society. It informs them of directing their ‘ energies’ in their right direction that will not cause them harm.
c) The story centers on women oppression. Throughout the story, the writer illustrates how women were looked down upon, perceived to be lesser beings and submissive to men.
d) The author begins by introducing the readers to the protagonist, Delia, the suffering she undergoes in the hands of her husband. Throughout the story, the writer takes readers into the lives of these two characters by covering several weeks in their lives. The story concludes by showing Delia’s liberation.
e) The writer’s main aim is to show his loss of faith in Jesus Christ and salvation. Throughout the story, the writer gives an account of his youth’s experiences and his realization that Jesus is not real.
f) The story mainly targets both the young and the old. Throughout the story, the writer compares the lives of the old men and the young, and the unique and common challenges faced by these groups.
g) The writer introduces readers to the family and Mr. Misfit, who are the main characters in the story, and the grandmother’s fear of Misfit. This introduction effectively gives the readers a clear overview of the dissension and disrespect that characterize the relationships in the family. Throughout the story, the writer further highlights these disagreements. In the end, the family is murdered by Misfit.
h) The story is based on the idea of making choices and striking a balance on the things one values. In the story, the author shows how Max was able to strike a balance between religion, profession (army) and morals.
i) Based on this story, I have learnt that effective writing requires the author to capture the attention of the reader by giving the necessary background information related to the story and the audience. In the present story, the author arouses interest in the topic by stating the reason behind writing of the letter and the intended audience. He offers background information relating to his life and his presence in Birmingham city jail.
j) This poem mainly targets those interested in studying American history. Specifically, the story gives the painful history of America during the civil war.

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