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  1. First world war essay
    The weaponry that were used to shoot and bomb were definitely effective, " the burst of flame shoots across the fog, the fragments howl and drone, as said in All Quiet in the Western Front. As for the rats, it was so unhygienic and dirty in the trenches that there would be countless [>]
  2. For the article on the war itself, see world war i.
    Haldane, the Germanophile Lord Chancellor, met with Prince Lichnowsky to offer an explicit warning that if Germany were to attack France, Britain would intervene in France's favor.[7] With the recently announced Russian military reconstruction and certain British communications, the possibility of war was a leading topic at the German Imperial War Council of [>]
  3. Wilfred owen - war
    His vivid descriptions of the soldier's conditions and the trauma of witnessing death compel the reader to look at the futile nature of war and the physical damage that is done to its participants. The Gas attack is the main event in this poem " GAS, GAS! the repetition and use of the [>]
  4. How effective were the us tactics of search and destroy and defoliation in the vietnam war
    The US military were being affected psychologically so badly by the Viet Cong's tactics, that they had to come up with a way to overcome it. As this was the first war to be televised many people in the US saw the affect of napalm and the famous images of it being sprayed [>]
  5. Media coverage of the vietnam war
    Media Coverage of the Vietnam War Mass Media and Society COMS-130E-O Media Coverage of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was one of the first wars to receive strong opposition from the American people mainly due to raw, uncut, uncensored and graphic media coverage. Media coverage reflected the changes that took place as [>]
  6. Compare and contrast the views of howard zinn's presentation of the vietnam war to the american promise text
    Indeed, one might accuse Zinn of conflated rhetoric when he states, " In the course of that war, there developed in the United States the greatest antiwar movement the nation had ever experienced, a movement that played a critical part in bringing the war to an end. While the American Promise acknowledges that [>]
  7. Causes and impacts of the vietnam war
    This war had the South Vietnam and the United States to fight against North Vietnam which had the support of the China and the Soviet Union. They used backpacks to carry on the boat and sprayed the herbicide along the banks of the river.
  8. Vietnam war between the north and south history essay
    The Vietnam War is characterized as a " People's War", a war to win the hearts and minds of the peasants living in South Vietnam. To accomplish unification, North Vietnam planned a twofold strategy of dau tranh and the establishment of a communist government in the South.
  9. The power of photography in the vietnam war history essay
    This essay will examine the cleavage between the intent of the creator and the audience imbibing the image. It is one of the first instances that aided the growth of the media as an institution and may have been a precursor to the American government that the media was a force to be [>]
  10. 1968 they also protested the vietnam war
    This was one of the main reasons why there were protests in the United States in this year. As evidenced in this discussion, the year 1968 was filled with protests initiated by a number of problems.
  11. The representation of the vietnam war in video games
    In Vietcong 2 and Men of Valor, the storyline is framed by the Tet offensive of 1968 and the games allow the player to experience the war through the eyes of a soldier fighting. In terms of violence and the depiction of combat, Shellshock is the most graphic of the Vietnam games.
  12. Racism, society and the vietnam war in the 1960’s in forrest gump
    In this essay I will attempt to connect the events of Forrest's life as we see then in the film, to the collective memory that many American's have regarding the 1960's. By encompassing crooked political action, aggressive anti-war movements and the emergence of the counter-culture movement, Forrest Gump has become a strong driver [>]
  13. The vietnam war
    It was better for Eisenhower to ensure that South Vietnam did not fall to communism and how to contain communism in the North of the country, hence preventing a war. It was the instability of South Vietnam which played a part in provoking the war in the future.
  14. Journalism and media in the vietnam war
    The new medium of television and the lack of government censorship gave the average American unprecedented access to the war. Hallin, Daniel C." The Media, the War in Vietnam, and Political Support: A Critique of the Thesis of an Oppositional Media".
  15. Pacific theatre in world war ii
    However none of the planes made it to China and most of the crews were captured, but this attack was considered a success because it deeply embarrassed the Japanese High Command and it greatly boosted the morale of the Americans, this attack would lead to the desire of the Japanese to completely destroy [>]
  16. Theatre and war: on palestinian theatre essay sample
    Theatre becomes the vehicle for expression; the medium to letting the world know the plight of the homeless Palestinians who are prisoners and refugees in their own land. Children, who are much affected and engaged in the conflict, turned to theatre for expression and cultivation of their talents.
  17. American identity prior to the revolutionary war
    The people of the colonies protested against all of the acts that the British government had set. From the years of 1763 to 1774 the British government proposed a series of acts that imposed taxes and regulations on the people of the colonies.
  18. Revolutionary war assignment
    We persevered in the face of strong opposition and the might of the British. By this act, Boston set the tone for rebelling against Britain and became the focus of mid April 1775, the British sent in troops to the colonies to curb the activities of the colonists by all means possible.
  19. The revolutionary war: behind the scenes
    He made a proclamation saying that all the land to the east of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to England; everything to the west of it was to be left for the Indians. The Massacre was nothing to be proud of for the colonists or the Redcoats.
  20. How did the industrial revolution that happend after the civil war in america changed the social,political, economic and philosophical system in the country
    Question How did the industrial revolution that took place in the U.S.after the Civil War change the political, social, economic, and philosophical systems of the country? The reason being the fact the revolution resulted in significant cultural, demographic, political, philosophical and economic changes that later enabled USA to emerge as supreme economic and [>]
  21. The american revolution (the revolutionary war) assignment
    There really IS no set beginning to this magnificent story of independence and liberation; however, the start to the true action and the first steps in the direction of who we truly were as a nation, began with The French and Indian, which began in 1 754, or more specifically with the Treaty [>]
  22. A revolutionary people at war argumentative essay
    In his book A Revolutionary people at war, Charles Royster not only elaborates upon the varying aspects of the Continental Army, but also makes use of statistics to strengthen the contents of the book. This was a factor that the Continental Army learned to benefit from as the war progressed.
  23. Pre revolutionary war attitudes
    By the eve of the revolution colonist had a sense of identity of an American. The ocean caused the colonist to believe that they were separated from the mother land for a reason.
  24. The revolutionary war
    His books and public appearances have made him an academic celebrity and he is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts,[1] a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences,[2] and in 2009 was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.[3]Hawking was the Lucasian [>]
  25. A role of revolutionary war in america's history
    The Revolutionary War was a political pandemonium that occurred between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists rejected the British monarchy's rule, dethroned the influence of Great Britain over the Thirteen American Colonies, and established the United States of America. They believed certain rules and regulations were unjustified, and unnecessary, such as the Mutiny [>]
  26. American revolution: the result of the french and indian war assignment
    The French and Indian War caused the American Revolution because its outcomes such as the large debt led to Parliament passing taxes, acts, and systems that enraged the Illinois to the point that they sought independence. The Stamp Act was largely unpopular due to the fact that, once again, none of the colonies [>]
  27. The reasons for revolutionary war in america
    For example the main points why the war was started are, taxes the people thought were wrong, Boston tea party, the coercive acts or the intolerable acts, soldiers being placed in patriot homes, the Boston Massacre, " the shot heard round the world", and " a new government", as well as could have [>]
  28. History: russian revolution and world war i
    They aimed to attack ships that were carrying weapons to the allies Zeppelins large German airships Convoy a group of unarmed ships surrounded by armed ships Success of the Convoy System the system eliminated the sinking of allied ships Natives favoritism of native born citizens over immigrants. The us signed a separate treaty [>]
  29. American history- american revolution & revolutionary war
    Major Issues and Events That Led To the Outbreak of the American Revolution According to Tindall and Shi, the signing of the Declaration of Independence made the America colonialists to be rebellious. The revolutionary war began a debate about the new kind of government to be formed, and that would serve the people [>]
  30. The revolutionary war against british for american freedom assignment
    This forbade the colonist from moving westward of the Appalachian Mountains-The colonist were upset after this Proclamation was passed, because they had planned on moving to the west to invest on the land. The Colonist were inspired and launched the Declaration Of Independence, which stated they wanted to be a free and independent [>]
  31. Revolutionary war: letter from a patriot
    It seems to me that they were not here to fight for our independence, but that they were here to simply see the British lose part of their empire. Now I do not know about you, but I find it quite ironic that I had to be positioned right next to the French.
  32. Good example of essay on american revolutionary war in georgia
    By the time I reached 13, my father took me to work in the plantation, and it was tough and difficult. Elsewhere in the country, the war was coming to a stalemate.
  33. Apush explorers and revolutionary war assignment
    They scaled the cliff and by morning, the 2 armies faced each other on the Plains of Abraham on the outskirts of Quebec He fell fatally wounded after the battle, but the French were defeated and the city surrendered 8. Pontiac led several tribes including a handful of French traders in a lenient [>]
  34. Benjamin franklin revolutionary war assignment
    His ideas changed the way the American colonists thought about how the colonies should be governed, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, influenced the French to ally with the colonies and negotiated the Treaty of Paris Franklin changed the way the colonists thought about how the colonies should be governed through his Albany [>]
  35. What was the role of the first world war on mussolini's transition from socialism to fascism
    This essay will explore these three arguments in order to understand whether Mussolini's transition from Socialism to Fascism was the result of the war, his revolutionary nature, or the influence of Nationalism. Italy's intervention into the war, to Mussolini's personal experience in the trenches and the disastrous Battle of Caporetto all contributed to [>]
  36. Portrayal of the damage caused by war through the protagonist in kurt vonnegut’s slaughterhouse-five
    He uses the phrase " so it goes", the Tralfamadorian view on time, and the structure of the novel to raise important questions about war and to open people's eyes to the harm it causes. Billy pilgrim uses the idea of time travel to attempt to cope, process, and understand the experiences he [>]
  37. Insanity of war in slaughterhouse five
    The historical seriousness of the Battle of the Bulge and the bombing of Dresden are contrasted by many ironies and dark humor; the fantastical, science-fiction-type place of Tralfamadore is, in truth, an outlet for Vonnegut to show his incredibly serious fatalistic views. The simplicity and innocence in the description of the tragic ends [>]
  38. Arab israeli war research paper sample
    In the 19th century the rise of Arab nationalism and Zionism marked the modern form of conflict that exists between Israel and Arab states. The main intention of the opposition is the essence that the immigration possess imminent and real danger to the Arab community.
  39. African americans in civil war
    Because of the willingness of the African Americans to fight in the war they changed the idea of slavery and new reasons for the fighting of one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the world. African Americans involvement in the Civil War helped shift it to a war for freedom of [>]
  40. Essay on final examination: his335 - us civil war
    One of the most important factors that led to the defeat of the Confederacy in the US civil war was the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862. This difference in perception and the lack of a common vision of the future of the nation can be considered to be the base cause of the ultimate [>]

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  1. A comparative study between the roles of truman and stalin in the development of the cold war
    The significance of Truman's and Stalin's roles can be demonstrated through the foreign policies they introduced and the events in which the nations were involved under their leadership. The key events that the USSR was involved in from 1945 to 1953 were: the testing of Soviet atomic bombs, the Yalta conference and the [>]
  2. After the vietnam war
    The new unified Vietnam became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.the With Americans gone, however, Vietnam's military problems were not over. While the invasion put an end to the " killing fields," China became upset by the SRV's extension of influence in the region and began a border war with Vietnam.
  3. The main features of the cold war essays example
    The World War II left the world with only two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, as the European countries were weakened by the disastrous economic outcomes of the War and were in deep political and economic crisis, first and foremost needing the financial support for the recovery of the economic [>]
  4. Example of essay on the cold war and the nuclear arms race
    " The nuclear race" was called the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States for supremacy in nuclear weapons during the Cold War. In the first years after the Second World War, the U.S.was the only " nuclear state" in the world.
  5. Who was more to blame for the cold war, the usa or the ussr?
    Who was more to blame for the cold war, the USA or the USSR? This is due to the combination of the vivid memory of the Second World War and the acquired financial and nuclear power of the Soviets.
  6. Essay on cold war era
    The cold war between USA and USSR after the World War II had a deep-rooted impact on both the nations. Cold war is described as the bitter relationship that grew between the capitalist USA and the socialist USSR after the World War II.
  7. The middle east amidst the cold war
    In spite of the fact that the tenet appeared to be fitting from the US viewpoint, it showed little enthusiasm for the worries of the Arab nations. Iran was situated at the specific center of the Cold War in the Middle East.
  8. The propaganda warfare in the cold war research paper example
    After the World War II, the world was divided into two: the ' liberated' West and the socialist East. Encyclopaedia of the NewAmerican Nation: Propaganda-Cold War.Web.
  9. Changing nature of war essays example
    One thing that is common in both arguments is that both accept the change in the warfare after the era of the cold war. Scholars that believe in the idea of old and new wars argue that old wars were usually fought between states that possessed same amount of military power and influence.
  10. The importance of east germany in the cold war
    Following the rapid spread of the Soviet grip over Europe, it was in the interests of the USSR to gain control of Germany in its entirety; that is East and West Germany. Phillips is of the belief that " The defeat of Nazi Germany at the end of the end of the Second [>]
  11. Us involvement in the vietnam war
    He is speaking after the Gulf of Tonkin incident where two American ships were attacked so he is speaking in the 'heat of the moment' and perhaps at a time where he feels that he can convince most of the public that they are going into war to keep the peace and security. [>]
  12. Sample essay on why realist ir changed after the cold war
    The influence of this theory is seen clearly during and after the events of the cold war. One of the fundamental assumptions of modern liberalism is the more the state has in terms of regulations and laws, the less freedom there is.
  13. Cold war in guatemala
    During this time, most of the land in Guatemala was controlled by the United Fruit Company which was an American-owned company that directed the other two big enterprises in the country, the International Railway of Central America and Empress Electrica. The United Fruit Company not only owned land though, it also owned the [>]
  14. America’s management of the cold war
    The Vietnam War as a dummy war between the US and the Soviet Union was an effort to contain the spread of communism which threatened and impeded the objective of the US government to achieve political, economic and military hegemony in the world. Ending the Vietnam War: A History of America's Involvement in [>]
  15. Assuming that states are rational actors, explain the outbreak of war?
    The ability of stronger states to conquer weaker states promotes an overall imbalance of power, which causes fear among the weaker states due to their inability to compete with the stronger states in a war. This approach can explain the outbreak of war in Vietnam as a cause of the competition between the [>]
  16. Literary documentation of the cold war in john hersey's hiroshima
    Taking account of both the extraordinary event chronicled and the very interesting role the author chooses to play as narrator of this story, I have chosen to use John Hersey's Hiroshima as my primary example of documentation in the Cold War era. In contrast to earlier reports and stories, which were mostly concerned [>]
  17. Trojan war
    " There is no historical basis for the Trojan War, the location of Troy is debatable and therefore there is little conclusive evidence to support the Iliad" For years the ancient story of Troy and the epic Trojan War has sparked dispute among archaeologists. An example of one of the inaccuracies in the [>]
  18. Intervention of the gods and goddesses in the trojan war
    Intervention of the Gods and Goddesses in the Trojan War In the epic Iliad by Homer the Trojans and Achaeans are locked in a massive war over the princess Helena. During the war between the Trojans and Achaeans, the gods intervene and change the outcome of different battles.
  19. Somalia civil war survivor essay
    Somalia a country situated in the Horn of Africa was a place of peace and prosperity prior to the 1990-91 outbreak of the ongoing war, which left hundreds of thousands of dead, many properties completely destroyed, thousands upon thousands of Somali residents displaced and now living in refugee camps, and the country and [>]
  20. Free case study about war and culture
    The outcomes and the processes of the war have greatly influenced the development of the humanity discipline. The Great War and the American civil war were the most influential periods of war for the American history.
  21. Why hitler’s actions, the treaty of versailles and the policy appeasement contributed to the outbreak of war in sept. 1939
    This made him stronger and more powerful, which made him more likely to start a war because he thought he was more likely to win or for Britain and France not to react in the first place because even though they said that they would start war if he attacked Poland, he did [>]
  22. Adolf hitler – world war ii
    In the world War II Adolf Hitler was the horror able killing leader and greatest racist man in the World. In 1921he become a strong leader of the Nazi Party and bring down the German Republic and lake himself the dictator on Germany.
  23. To what extent had the world war started before 1939?
    Hence, we can extrapolate that the world was already at war to a large extent in 1939, whereby the invasion of Poland was merely a catalyst and consummation of the tense international relations and Hitler's aggressive policies. For example, Germany was clearly bitter from their defeat from the First World War and the [>]
  24. About korean war fast facts - short description
    " The Korean War is also known as ' The Forgotten War', because the half a million American soldiers who returned home after the war returned to an America obsessed with peace and unconcerned with memorializing a war that happened an ocean away". This memorial designed by Frank Gaylord and Louis Nelson is [>]
  25. French and indian war continental congress
    While the first continental congress met in 1774 to make a list of complaints about the way Britain was treating the colonies, the king and parliament believed they had the right to tax the colonies because they chose to require a few sorts of duties from the homesteaders to help pay for the [>]
  26. Literature review on biases and errors in the assessment of information that resulted to flawed decisions made in the yom kipur war
    This makes it all the more important to reassess not only Israel's choices and behavior but also the ways in which the USA dealt with the situations in the Middle East through the Cold War era because such readings of past will be heavily colored by current perceptions of the US-Israel relations and [>]
  27. The war against terrorism
    The war of our century is only one, and it is called " The War against Terrorism." What is actually terrorism? Terrorism is a violent war against the civilians and its goal is to cause fear in the society and to attract the media's attention.
  28. Essay on the character and nature of war
    In the First and Second World Wars, the use of human force triumphed, where the turning points were the introduction of the atomic bomb that changed the tide of war. Globalization and the Nature of War.
  29. War on terror - against essays examples
    The War on Terror which is also referred to as the Global War on Terrorism is applied to an international military campaign that was initiated after the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks in America. As a State and military project, the war on terror particularly in the U.
  30. Cause and effect of global war on terrorism
    As the ten year anniversary of that horrible act of terrorism approaches, we are forced to look back and reflect at the last decade and the long term effects. As a result we are able to withdraw all of our combat brigades out of Iraq and focus on other bordering countries and turn [>]
  31. Sample essay on american policy during the global war on terror
    The right to a fair trial, right to be represented by a counsel of choice, the right to appeal the ruling of the court are some of the irreducible measures that the United States of America's policy on Global Terror has violated. This is the effect of the creation and the enactment of [>]
  32. Civil liberties, habeas corpus, and the war on terror essay sample
    I will exam whether the president goes against the constitution to protect the safety of its citizens in a time of war or is it an abuse of power because the president is the commander and chief. In my opinion habeas corpus is written in the constitution to protect the people and the [>]
  33. The war on terrorism
    The issue remains acute in the light of continuing evidence of planned or aborted terrorist attacks, the frequency of terror acts and the polarization of many societies on the subject. On November 22, 2002, the member states of the EAPC decided on a Partnership Action Plan against Terrorism which explicitly states that " [>]
  34. Essay on war and terrorism in 21st century
    In the last century, the nature of terrorism was attributed to secular inspiration and orientation, in the 21st century terrorism is linked to the religious Islamic fanatics. The tactics of war and terrorism has also changed in the 21st century.
  35. War on terror and human rights argumentative essays examples
    It also presents a counter argument as to why the use of extreme force or torture is the only solution to deter terrorist activities in the world. The reason behind this is the violation of the human rights that are presumed inherent to the individual and independent state, and consequently motivating the terrorist [>]
  36. World war i essay
    In the book Eye-Deep in Hell, the author does a good job with exploring this distinctive and frightening world the ceremonies of battle, the customs of day-to-day life, and the continuous fight of men to discover meaning amongst agonizing dullness and the threat of impending death. In conclusion, it was very clear that [>]
  37. How far does wilfred owen’s poetry convey the realities of war essay sample
    This is to create the image of the soldiers gaunt and starving and in need of help. The pace of the first stanza is slow and Wilfred Owen uses a caesura, which is a pause to reflect the slowness of the soldiers walking.
  38. Romeo and juliet, and war poetry comparison paper
    Baz Lurhmann shows at the start of the film two sky high building with ' Montague' and ' Capulet' in bold lettering at the top, this shows how the two families have a lot of rivalry, such as in the business world of today's society which a lot of people can relate to [>]
  39. How the poets of happy is england now in the anthology up the line to death present world war i
    This fact is very important to Gardner; in the introduction to the anthology, he describes the war as a ' tragedy'. In the poems " Happy." and " England..".the ' bad bits' of the war are skated over to an extent, and euphemisms are used instead to portray the war; an interesting fact [>]
  40. Wilfred owen war poetry
    Owen uses personification and emphasis in his poetry to allow his emotions and thoughts to be branded into the minds of the readers and to allow them to grasp the sense of pithiness of war. In conclusion, Owens poetic insights in Dulce Et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth allow readers to [>]

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  1. Referring to first world war poetry, explain who was the real enemy
    These are the people worrying about their husbands, brothers and fathers, the people who are waiting to know whether they have lost a family member, the people who are proud of their men or otherwise ashamed, the people who use the word " coward" as a weapon to force their men to fight. [>]
  2. World war 1 poetry
    At the beginning of the 20th century the world was at the brink of destruction, greed had overcome many of the nations as the earth plummeted in turmoil and anarchy. Who wants a turn to himself in the show...who wants a seat in the stand? ' it almost gives the reader a sense [>]
  3. Birdsong and the penguin book of first world war poetry
    Furthermore, the homefront and the soldiers contrast as they both show a lack of understanding during the war period with specific mention to the battle of the Somme. The poems that were written during the war era explain the change in attitude between the soldiers at the war to those at home, as [>]
  4. World war one poets jessie pope and wilfred owen
    Owen managed to expose the war through poetry but was unfortunately killed in the last week of the war; nevertheless he managed to expose the harsh reality of World War One. Owen has used a tone of sorrow and to persuade the reader to not join the war".
  5. Essay on war on documentary and tongues united
    The issues raised in the film reveal how un-accommodative the society was when it came to a black gay, it was probably one of the intensive moments of such an individual as he tried to find his identity. For the society to deny them their freedom and rights simply because of what they [>]
  6. Free war of words article review sample
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr.argues in his article War of Words: Critical Race Theory and the First Amendment that there exists a tension between civil rights and civil liberties with specific emphasis on the freedom of speech and hate speech or freedom from expression. In the present day, the inclusions and exclusions of the [>]
  7. Example of war against racism essay
    Standing on our belief by Joyce ladner is the portrayal of the thirst for freedom from racism, advocacy for better wages and other rights for the black Negros in the 1960s. The August Washington march was a culmination of suppressed mass protests and civil rights demonstrations that had seen protestors brutally beaten, chased [>]
  8. Murder of uthman and the first civil war of the islamic empire essay
    Murder of Uthman and the First Civil War of the Islamic EmpireIntroductionThe origin of the tradition of dissent began very early in the history of Islam. Third leader of the Muslims after the Prophet's death, Uthman came to power In 644 following the death of Umar, the great organizer of the early Islamic [>]
  9. How did the cold war affect asian american experiences? essays example
    America feared that the Cold War would inspire the Soviet communism nurture egalitarian societies, and prompt the colored people inside and outside America to remain marginal between capitalism and communism. The McCarran Act of America, which was vetoed by President Truman, was hailed as the best means of preserving the security of America [>]
  10. Essay on treatment of japanese in during world war two in canada
    Most people in British Columbia and in other parts of Canada believed in these comments and the Japanese people were blamed for all bad things that happened at the time. This was in a quest to protect British Columbia from Japanese immigrants who by the time were believed to be spies for Japan.
  11. Consequences of civil war in syria
    For so long as the world continues to spin on its axis, human suffering is inevitable at the hands of its own people, one moral crisis after another, the lessons of history have taught nothing if not the extent of human cruelty capable against our fellow man; but also, the lengths to which [>]
  12. Retell off to war against the taurans
    Besides the shock of returning to a literal different world, the military is also dealing with the fact that the Taurans have had that much more time to develop more advanced weaponry and technology, leaving them at a distinct advantage. Relate I have a book to book connection to this book.
  13. Good article review about post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) in war veterans of canada
    The diagnosis of PTSD is becoming highly established in the psychiatry community, and this eventually is giving way to a kind of standardization in the diagnosis of PTSD. PTSD in DSM - II: A Case in the Politics of Diagnosis and Disease.
  14. Sustantive analysis - explain how a command sustains an ethical command climate in war
    Ethical command climate al Affiliation) Ethical command climate Ethical command climate in war is the perceptionof soldiers during their interaction with the enemy. The enforcement of Ethical command climate is the responsibility of the commander A commander sustains ethical command climate during time of war through what they do and say.
  15. Example of research paper on lack of employment opportunities for war veterans
    It is undeniable that employers prefer not to hire war veterans because of the increased risk of future mobilization, veteran's inability to successfully transition from military to civilian life, and uncertainties associated with the health and personal life stabilities of war veterans. The reasons for the increased trend include increased levels of individual [>]
  16. Sun tzu – the art of war essay sample
    But they are more influential in the planning of war, of the campaign, and often of the battle. The main idea that pervades the work of Sun-Tzu on the political realm is the concept of deception and the dislike of actual war.
  17. What role did personalities play in the war in iraq?
    With the exception of the president, they had a lot of experience in Washington, but lacked the intellectual curiosity to generate that experience into effective policy making decisions. It was this belief that allowed the breakout strategy to see the light of day.
  18. America and democracy, at home and abroad, during and just after the first world war essay
    Democracy is a kind of regime in which all eligible citizens are allowed to contribute to the decisions of the state. America is one of the countries that have nurtured the establishment, ratification, and embracement of democracy to extreme levels.
  19. Essay on world war i
    The attacks made by the Government against its own citizens by imposing laws that saw citizen forced to involve in war. Just as the laws affected negatively the Americans, Woodrow Wilson definition of democracy is out of order.
  20. Compare the ways the poets portray war in ‘attack’ and ‘anthem for doomed youth’
    Compare the ways the poets portray war in ' Attack' and ' Anthem for Doomed Youth' Both ' Attack' and ' Anthem for Doomed Youth' portray war negatively, revealing the brutality and indignity of death on the battlefield.' Attack' explores the shock and anger during war suggesting the desperation of the soldiers whereas [>]
  21. The cause and effect of the civil war essay sample
    Slavery was the crux of the dilemma, but to simplify the cause of the war the slavery would be a misstatement. The differences between the politics of the North and South were numerous and significant and could be seen as far back as the creation of the Constitution in 1787.
  22. Sample research paper on the reconstruction of the south; post civil war
    The tension between the North and antebellum South sparked during the boom of the cotton industry in the agricultural South. After the civil war, the Union prepared for the reconstruction of the South and used different means to reintegrate the region as part of the United States.
  23. Dbq causes of civil war essay sample
    Though the events leading to the civil war had been ongoing for some time, the Civil War was never inevitable; it was the result of prejudices and extremism and failures in leadership on the sides of both the North and the South. Before the war had been fought by the North to bring [>]
  24. Cause and effects of drugs and alcohol abuse during the vietnam war essay
    Unfortunately, the use of drugs in addition to alcohol abuse lead to addiction and other drug related consequences among the military service members in the army. The main reason for heavy drug usage and alcohol abuse in the military during the war was its acceptance as a norm and tradition in the military [>]
  25. Free essay about german expansionism vis--vis the first world war
    Given the variety of circumstances that allowed for the rise of a unified German state, it is noteworthy to pay further analysis to the role of Germany under the Wilhelmine Period the period when Emperor William II ruled, in the buildup to the First World War. Although the Frankfurt National Assembly failed to [>]
  26. The global cold war: third world interventions essay examples
    The cold war was a sustained state of political, economic and military tensions between the powers in the Eastern Bloc, dominated by the USSR, and the powers in the Western Bloc that mainly composed of the USA and its NATO allies. The Evolution of American attitudes was in the actual sense not smooth [>]
  27. The immediate impact the d-day had on the american involvement in world war ii research paper sample
    America, a member of the allied group was so much involved in the operation and the effects of the invasion were felt by it both in the long term as well as the short term, not only at the national level but also at the family level as well as positively impacting other [>]
  28. Free research paper on american civil war
    The chronology of these events began all the way in the 17th century when the European began migrating from their countries of origin and settling in the Americas. The period of antebellum in America was characterized by slavery in the southern part of the country.
  29. Love and war
    When it comes to war, nobody is forced to enlist in any division of the army. Both love and war are decisions, but the same is not true when it comes to economics and a person's bank account.
  30. The basis for today’s weapons of war
    The United Sates, who remained neural during the first half of the war, were the most prominent engineers of this time of technological advancement. The advancement of nuclear technology as used in the invention of the Atomic Bomb was the most valuable of all the types of technological advancement in World War Two.
  31. The war between detergent giants hindustan unilever (hul) and procter & gamble (p) continues
    However, a recent ad on TV takes a direct dig on the competitor's product which is not something that has been seen on the Indi-Ad scene. The Rin washing powder commercial, which went on air on Friday, claims to be a better quality product in comparison to Tide.
  32. Is war beneficial to mankind?
    Millions of innocent people are dying, e.g.casualties in WWI were above 11 millions, in WWII almost 60 millions, and in the War in Iraq already near 107 thousands and the death count still increases every day. War also destroys the towns, earth, and nature and brings terrible chaos to the land, where it [>]
  33. War film analysis essay examples
    The scene is shot using a number of cameras, which offer the viewer a variety of angles, which allows the viewer to have different views of the scene. The music used in the scene is eerie and provides the effect of suspense as well as the danger posed by the bomb.
  34. Sample term paper on contextualizing the 1979 sino-vietnamese war
    At the end of the 1970s, the People's Republic of China emerged from the Mao Zedong era and started the process of opening up to the foreign world. All these principles and assumptions will be illustrated in depicting the context of the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979.- Historical Background At the onset of the [>]
  35. Example of war of 1812 essay
    The 1812 war gave the US a chance to a foster a sense of nationalism in a bizarre way. This is because one of the reasons why the US felt that the 1812 war was necessary was because there was need to instill a sense of national honor for what was considered to [>]
  36. Relations between england and it's colonies after the french/indian war
    After the war was over in 1763, the political, economic and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies were altered. This loss of freedom that so many felt had a direct impact on relations with the colonists and Britain after the war.
  37. World war 1 essays example
    This essay would attempt to discuss the First World War in terms of its origin, the course it took and the effects based on evidence found in the book " The First World War: A Brief History with Documents" by Susan R. Wars such as the Crimean war and the Franco-Austrian war fuelled [>]
  38. World war ii essays example
    In 2012, Akira Komatsu accused the United Nations of trying to broker a policy of appeasement between Iran, with its nuclear arms development, and the United States. British Appeasement and the Origins of World War II.
  39. The war of 1812 essay samples
    The overall was dispersed and performed in a haphazard manner during the war, and the army was more dependent upon the citizen soldiers to perform critical offensive attacks. According to Dunnigan, the was able to win a series of small troops fight with British forces, and the British shipping areas were [>]
  40. Good essay on american civil war
    Marx argues that the first excuse of the war was the differences between the free trade and the protectionist system that was supported by the Northern states. In the secession congress in came into the attention of the southern legislators that the Louisiana sugar was most affected by the tariffs that were imposed [>]

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  1. Essay on women from the post-world war 2
    The acceptance of an individual's sexuality is well retrieved in " The Storm" and the " Fedora". On the other hand, according to O'Connor, women are demonstrated as representative of the cultural code that makes all women an unreceptive object awaiting protection and love.
  2. Ideologies built on the belief in a constructive world order after the end of the cold war or on disbelief in such
    Most of the writings are torn apart on whether to report on the end of the dark moments, the accidental history of the world, or the current state of affairs. The chapter is presented with five key ideologies with some being optimistic about the end of the Cold War while others argue that [>]
  3. Thucydides, the peloponnesian war, the melian dialogue ( book 5, chapter 17)
    Essay, Political Science 8 October Thucydides, the Peloponnesian War, the Melian Dialogue This paper discusses a dialoguethat happened between two parties, the Athenians and Melians. In conclusion, the Melian Dialogue was a dialogue between the Athenians and Melians.
  4. Ethics and the war on drugs
    Fighting against drugs, I would continue the fight on the selling of the drugs so as to reduce supply and at the same time decriminalize drug use. And in response to Manson, the use of therapy will impact the people using drugs but the victims themselves should be able to accept their condition [>]
  5. The role of the un during the could war
    The Role of the United Nations during the Cold War Apparently, the United Nations was formed soon after the League ofNations was discredited due to its failure to handle security issue that was paramount immediately after the Second World War. Similarly, the United Nations was engaged in the role of ensuring that Soviet [>]
  6. Global war on terror
    The writer is of the opinion that the outcomes of war are not quite encouraging and there is a need to learn from the mistakes that were made during this war. Overall, the work is an excellent analysis of the happenings of war and their effects on US as a nation.
  7. If it is not cold war
    It emerges that the involvement of Russia in the Ukrainian ignites the world's attention about the possibility of another war. Harman, however, argues that the involvement of the US in the crisis is inevitable.
  8. Try to apply keneth waltz's three images to the orgins of the cold war and analyize which image considerations were more important in the development of the cold war
    In the analysis of the first image, Waltz asserts that the nature of certain political leaders or statesmen influence the start of war. This implies that the third image is more refined to show how the players of the cold war envisioned the manner to influence the balance of power from their influence [>]
  9. Evaluation of the art of war vs. modern day air warfare
    To argue on this question I will take up the fabulous work of Sun Tzu, the first strategist known in history with written military strategies in the shape of " The Art of War", and see its applicability in the modern day Air warfare. The aim of this paper is to highlight salient [>]
  10. Israeli air force experience in bekaa valley war
    However, the war fought by the three parties has a great impact on a lot of aspects such as technology, strategy and the method used to conduct the war. This paper studies the war in term of lessons learnt in modern air battle with central focus on Electronic Warfare, phases of changes in [>]
  11. War in the movies by rossellini and mizoguchi movie review sample
    The director of " Rome, Open City" uses normal lens, so the perspective is normal and the focal length is moderate. The film is shot by the objective camera, so that the spectator watches the action as the neutral observer.
  12. The unique relationship and the second world war
    Kimball's novel, Forged in War- Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Second World War, the unique relationship between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. He writes of all of the burdens and complications of diplomacy that resulted in the Allied alliance.
  13. Let’s communicate: it’s not about war
    The letter, which is both the recollections of his experiences with and his true and honest feelings for his best friend, is Rat Kiley's story. Similarly, " Field Trip" is also about the listener's inability to comprehend the emotions behind and the point of the speaker's story; but more importantly, " Field Trip" [>]
  14. War impacts in "the things they carried” by tim o’brien essay
    The book " The Things They Carried' by Tim O'Brien is a memory of a soldier who participated in the Vietnam War. The book gives a true reflection of the effect of war on soldiers from the perspective of a soldier who directly participated in a war to defend his country.
  15. War, religion and dance in blood meridian
    This is where the theme of war plays a role in the novel. Blood Meridian is a tragic procession of bloody violent acts, from barroom brawls to great and terrible massacres on the plains; even the landscapes of the novel is indifferent forming traverse of life in them.
  16. "tomorrow when the war began” by john marsden essay sample
    Two instances of showing courage were when they planned to blow up a bridge and when they had to save a friend by risking their own lives, but the main point is not to give up and have courage in yourself. This was a time in their short lives to forget all of [>]
  17. Collision of war and music: vietnam and the protest music of the mid 1960’s and early 1970’s essay
    In looking at songs that targeted the general public, the soldiers fighting in Vietnam and with ' subversive song's', it is apparent that the music of the 60's and 70's was indeed influenced by the war and turmoil in the society. The rage of the people is overwhelming by the 1970's and the [>]
  18. 20th-century art and war
    Portraits that displayed the best of the Aryan race were give preeminence in the art galleries as it served the double purpose of acting as a propaganda tool for the Hitler regime. It is art that is against everything that the Hitler regime stood for, as it depicts the horrors of the bombing [>]
  19. Changes and advances brought by the first world war
    One of the most deadly conflicts in the history of the human race and killing over an estimated sixteen million people brought a tornado of change that swept over the entire world. Since the first Africans were brought as slaves to the British colony of Jamestown in 1619, black people had suffered much [>]
  20. In to be dragged into a european war
    The proposition was that if Mexico joined the cause of the Central Powers and took up arms against the United States, then Germany promised that all territory that the United States owned would be returned to Mexico. The reason for this was due to the American invasion of Veracruz in 1914.
  21. The aftermath of the spanish-american war and brutality in the phillipines
    In order to accurately respond to the question of whether or not the American forces in the Philippines after the Spanish-American war and during the Philippine-American war were in fact brutal, we must first look at why the wars started in the first place. As a result, the Spanish government ceded the Philippines [>]
  22. World war 2 misconceptions essay
    Prior to the Potsdam Proclamation, the United States had issued a desire for " unconditional surrender" to Japan with the right of Japan to keep its Emperor as leader of the country, but in the actual proclamation, this was left out and it kept the Japanese fighting. This was not sufficient reason to [>]
  23. United states recovery of western europe post world war
    Fortunately the United States was free of war and devastation making us the richest country in the world. This helped to rebuild the economies of Western Europe and to help contain the Soviet expansion in the aftermath of World War II.
  24. Argumentative essay on the war on drugs
    The amounts of drugs that penetrate the borders of the United States are ever increasing, with the number of addicts on the rise, as well. Following the failure of all the potent solutions, the only option that the government of the United States is left with, is the abolishment of the war on [>]
  25. Feminism in post-war united states
    Within the United States, the construction of such a society stands as a result of the various historical changes within the country, an example of which can be seen in the changes within the country after its participation in the Second World War. In line with Niehbur's argument in his book The Children [>]
  26. Why the civil war was inevitable
    The events previous to the Civil War, such as the growing abolition movement and " Bleeding Kansas", helped the tension between the North and the South grow. But Lincoln was not supported by the South which shows in this source.
  27. The spanish-american war
    The defeat of the Spanish forces marked the end of their rule in the Americas and also marked the rise of the United States as a global military power. The Spanish-American War marked the end of Spain's colonial empire and the end of its rule in the Americas.
  28. Good example of effects of war critical thinking
    The cold war is a term that is used to describe the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union or USSR. From " 9-11" to the " Iraq War 2003": international law in an age of complexity.
  29. Free the united nations during the korean war essay sample
    In its first major test since its inception, the UN faced great difficulty in the Korean War due to the sudden intervention of the Chinese and the dominance of the United States The main aim of the UN was to ensure that there were fair elections in Korea. Equally as troublesome was the [>]
  30. Industrialization after the american civil war essay
    At the same time, development of business, unfair practices of entrepreneurs and various deadly accidents led to creation of working unions as working people had to unite to defend their rights. Kennedy, D, Cohen, L, & Piehl, M.
  31. Westward expansion and the mexican-american war : the unbalanced war research paper sample
    In addition, the Americans saw the border of Mexico at the Rio Grande, while to the Mexicans, the border was located much further away at the Neuces River. Was this the first " trembling" of an intent to invade Mexico, to acquire some of the Mexican territories, such as California and New Mexico?" [>]
  32. Timeline of world war i and world war ii essay
    1815- Holy Alliance between Austria, Russia and Prussia was formed to maintain a delicate power balance in the region 1873-The League of the Three Emperors was formed through the engineering of German Chancellor, Bismarck. The league was formed by the monarchs of Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary.
  33. Korean war essay
    After accomplishing the main jest of the war, I began too look into the propaganda of the war. The Korean War was over the spread of Communism.
  34. 7 years’ war in "us: a narrative history” by davidson essay
    Chapter six entailed the point of departure in thinking between the colonists and the colonialists, how the two sides started to drift apart in terms of anticipating to carry on with the duties of the new empire. This action is what sets the tone in chapter seven and helps to set us up [>]
  35. Spanish-american war essay
    Petrie spoke these words after the destruction of the Maine, which is thought to be a key affect of the Spanish-American War. This war helped Cuba to win independence, and changed our role in foreign policy, made the " U.S.the dominant power in the Western Hemisphere , and created the U.S.a " new [>]
  36. Cold war major aspects and events essay
    Conflicts of interest between the United States and the Soviet Union were the main cause for the cold war which replaced the Second World War in the year 1945. The wartime coalition between the United States and the Soviet Union was a coalition of expediency.
  37. War on iraq research paper samples
    This paper aims to propose a discussion on war on Iraq and presents a firsthand account of the war on Iraq. A number of dissenting voices surfaced during and after the war on Iraq.
  38. Cold war dbq essay
    One of the major fears that I believe the people had was the spread of communism at home. The second major fear about communism that I believe people had was the spread of communism in the world.
  39. World war ii essays examples
    However, World War Second helped to strengthen the power of the United States, that led to their dominance in the postwar world. Political situation in the United States of America was not as bright as economic.
  40. Good example of the mexican war essay
    Mexican War is a war between the U.S.and Mexico, which resulted in capturing by the US of more than half of the Mexican territory, accounting for nearly a one third of the present territory of the United States. In 1835, the American plantation owners who had settled in Mexican Texas a couple of [>]

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