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  1. Matthew's effect & schema theory
    Applying schema theory to classrooms and in particular to special education class rooms can be as challenging a process understanding the role of the Matthew's effect in ones classroom. For full understanding of the reading material a mutual schema must exist between the writer and reader for ones schema to be effectively accessed.
  2. The effect of seneca’s writings & stoicism on human affairs
    To be a " Stoic," at least in the traditional sense, meant that you had to abide by a set of rules and way of life, outlined by philosophers like Zeno of Citium and Persaeus. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets".
  3. The mandela effect
    The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that has been the basis of many conspiracy theories and has caught a lot of people's attention. With so many examples of it I do not see how there is not a way that we are not all somehow effected by the Mandela Effect.
  4. Effect of junk food
    After the junk food was taken away and replaced with a healthy diet, the rats starved for two weeks instead of eating nutritious fare.[10] A 2007 British Journal of Nutrition study found that female rats who eat junk food during pregnancy increased the likelihood of unhealthy eating habits in their offspring.[11] A report [>]
  5. A negative effect of loss of michael jordan on the nba
    Disputes between the NBA Players Union and owners extend deep into January of 98, the NBA season was shortened to a 50 game schedule due to the disputes between the two groups and the lockout of the players by the owners. These situations that have been beneficial to the league include the rise [>]
  6. Effect of social networking
    The social networks as Facebook, MySpace and others are all " virtual places" where people find themselves and share information. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on can have a great impact on human life and influence positively or negatively the social life, health and the world business.
  7. Economic conditions and effect to airlines industry tourism essay
    The outcome of growing and the working of airlines industry are always unexpected because it is full of challenge and variables conditions. Changes in Government Policies and effect to Airlines Industry Worldwide deregulations and liberalization In the past of the era, air travel industry is strictly controlled by government.
  8. Alcohol's effect on the teenage brain
    According to neuropsychologists at Duke University, drinking even a moderate amount of alcohol as a teen can damage the hippocampus the part of the brain that allows you to take in and remember information. When a brain is developing, it is more susceptible to the long-term effects of alcohol.
  9. Critique of the article: absolut memory distortions, alcohol placebos influence the misinformation effect
    To study the effects of alcohol on memory, the researchers incorporated both nonsocial and social factors using the eyewitness memory paradigm as the ideal method to study the effects of alcohol placebos on memory. The independent variables of this study include the two groups, told tonic and told alcohol as well as who [>]
  10. The effect of class on upward mobility in society
    Ehrenreich's own story is a perfect example of one's family ascending from their class to one of a higher status. Taking into account both sides of the argument of how one's class can effect their achievement and status in society, it is safe to say that yes, class is a major issue in [>]
  11. Sleep improves memory: the effect of sleep on long
    Bunney, JR was to assign the selected students to sleep and no sleep conditions and compare tested results about adolescents on how getting sleep and not enough sleep could affect the memory. The results were an increase of 20.% in long-term memory was found as measured by the number correct in the paired-associate [>]
  12. The double effect principle: conditions associated with it
    The good outcome of the medication is the patient would have a comfortable and higher quality of life free from pain. In the circumstance of administering life shortening pain medication, the intent must be to relieve the patient's pain and not to shorten their life span.
  13. Free article review on greenhouse effect
    The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence that allows ultraviolet radiation to pass on the surface of the earth and blocks infrared radiation from escaping. This process is vital to the sustainability of life on the planet.
  14. The effect of industrialization and deforestation on biodiversity
    Industrialization is classified as the development of industries in a region on a wide scale, the key word here is ' wide-scale', in order for industrialization to occur, we need to alter the ecosystem in a sense that the land must be cleared, the consequences of our inclination will be fatal or at [>]
  15. Cause and effect essay
    Many people die due to fatal accidents in Afghanistan because of lack of experienced drivers, standard roads, traffic control systems and existing of corruption in governmental agencies, are the substantial causes for fatal accidents in Afghanistan. One of the main causes of road accidents in Afghanistan is lack of experience and understanding of [>]
  16. Effect of social media
    Key Words: social media, college students, learning efficiency 3 EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON COLLEGE STUDENTS Introduction The definition of social media is " the relationships that exist between network of people". 4 EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON COLLEGE STUDENTS Statement of Problem To address the issue of the effectiveness of usingsocial networking, [>]
  17. The effect of social media exposures to students
    Despite in the reality that social media is making student's suffer in academics, it also give some positive contributions to education. Social Media is the democratization of content and the understanding of the role people play in the process of not only reading and disseminating information, but also how they share and create [>]
  18. How social media has a bad effect on society
    This has in my opinion got out of hand and scientists have been able to come up new psychological evidence that shows that teenagers have increased aggression in their moods and lack of empathy which increases the possibility of schizophrenia anddepression. On the other hand along with all this negativity social media sites [>]
  19. The desensitization effect of mass media on society
    A communication theory that quarrels with the effect of mass media memos and the actual effect that they have on singular person or people. He was a philanthropist, a lepidopterist meaning studier of butterflies and moths, a pulmonologist which is a studier of disease specifically of the lungs, asthma and the like.
  20. My views on social media’s negative effect on teenagers
    Now, people use the Internet and social media to help alleviate some of the nervousness we all have when communicating with others. I signed up so I can talk to more of my friends from school, and for a while it was great...until it was not.
  21. The impact/effect of obesity on the united states essay sample
    Therefore, effect of obesity is increased diabetes in the States and the associated economic costs to the economy. The management of pediatric obesity and diabetes.
  22. The effect of physical exercise on diabetes
    Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood. In this investigation I will be investigating the effect of physical exercise on the blood glucose levels.
  23. Geography's effect on the american colonies
    From the swampy terrain of Jamestown to the bays of the Northern colonies, each played an integral part in the development of the colonies. The beginning of Jamestown was almost it's end, the colonist were unprepared for the harsh winters there and were almost killed off entirely on the first winter.
  24. Cause and effect of divorce
    Cause and effect of Divorce ZW Divorce is one of the most serious social problems in the modern world. Men are initially more negative about divorce than women and devote more energy in attempting to salvage the marriage.
  25. Cause and effect of divorce essay sample
    This essay is a discussion on the causes and effects of divorce in the American society. The causes of divorce in the society are numerous.
  26. Effect of active and passive smoking during pregnancy on its outcomes
    " Effect of Active and Passive smoking during pregnancy on its outcomes" It was made clear in the research that the purpose of the study is to be able to determine if passive and active smoking would affect the outcome of pregnancy using a cross-sectional study on pregnant women delivering a singleton live [>]
  27. The effect of music in a developing fetus
    Exposure to soft smoothing music for the fetus can stimulate and calm the baby. In conclusion, the effect of music in a developing fetus is yet to be studied.
  28. Effect of video games on kids
    A survey done by Harris Interactive shows that 23 percent of youth have felt " addicted to video games." Studies have shown that teenagers who playviolent video gamesfor extended periods of time tend to be more aggressive, are more prone to engage in fights and confrontations, and see a decline inacademicsuccess. They selected [>]
  29. Free essay about violence in video games: whether or not it has a lasting effect on peoples behavior
    In most games, a player uses the same visual perspective as a violent character in the game. The games are also known to enhance creativity and tactful thinking in players.
  30. Critical analysis of call of duty advanced warfare advertisement: the effect of essays example
    The novel and creative series of Call of Duty has made it one of the best known video games worldwide, even prompting the The Telegraph to term the video game as " the world's biggest video game" whilst dedicating an article on its website that commemorates its history and movement over the years. [>]
  31. Free effect of video games on childrens and adolescents behavior revision argumentative essay sample
    The games change the consciousness of a child and alter the system of his values, so that he is in danger of harmfully internal changes and degradation. J Bushman." A Review of the Effects of Violent Video Games on Children and Adolescents".
  32. Effect of globalisation on australia
    A large number of species have become extinct in recent decades, the link between the extinction of some species and globalization deforestation and destroy the homes of birds. Accordingly, globalization in the broadest sense - that is, as the relationship between nations and societies such that events in one part of the world [>]
  33. Effect of bullying in schools
    The kids who got bullied will try to hide it from their parents or teacher because they are afraid that if they told them things will only get worse. Another common thing between the bully and the bullied is that both of them will also prompt to use alcohol and drug to relive [>]
  34. The effect insurance has on midwifery research paper example
    Insurance in midwifery simply refers to the costs covered during the practice of midwifery, that is, pregnancy, birth, and post delivery period. However, it limits the ability of women and families to acquire adequate reproductive health services especially from midwives.
  35. The halo effect
    People's perceptions of others can be greatly affected by the halo effect and the bias of attractive people as demonstrated by the article " Physical Attractiveness Bias In Hiring: What is beautiful good" by Comila Shahani-Denning and the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada. Then a average looking young women named Andy walks [>]
  36. Climate change effect on polar bears
    Climate ChangeEffects on Artic Polar Bears Kenneth Halvorsen COM/156 09/30/2012 Jocelyn Henson Climate Change Effects on Artic Polar Bears Climate warming and ecological changes have caused a significant threat to the declining population of polar bears in the Arctic which is affecting human habitats Polar bears, the largest of the terrestrial carnivores, live [>]
  37. The effect of birth order on happiness
    THE EFFECT OF BIRTH ORDER ON HAPPINESS Happiness is sought after by many: inspirational speakers and motivational writers have made millions of dollars just by telling people how to reach their desires and how to achieve happiness. 5 of the 7 were taken online that contained questions on happiness and the Big Five [>]
  38. Drug use cause and effect essay
    These drugs are habit forming and can seriously harm you, even kill you. After several weeks of taking these drugs, you can become physically and emotionally dependent.
  39. The effect of reducing cannabis use on the symptoms of schizophrenia essay
    A popular theory of the cause of schizophrenia is the Dopamine Theory, which is that schizophrenia is related to excess activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine. A popular theory of the cause of schizophrenia is the Dopamine Theory, which is that schizophrenia is related to excess activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine.
  40. Title xi and it effect on athletic programs essay
    During this paper I will discuss the history of Title IX, the advantages and disadvantages of Title XI, the effects of college and high school programs and the profit obtained from the use of Title IX funds. The effects of Title IX has caused the women's varsity teams to spring up in virtually [>]

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  1. The effect of employee engagement in the hiring and promotion process of public agencies
    It is envisioned that there will be sections of the prospectus as given below: problem statement, significance, background, framework, research questions, nature of research and possible types and sources of data to be collected. The problem statement is going to give a generalized idea of what the problem of this prospectus is going [>]
  2. The effect of divorced parents to their children
    The argument that divorce has effects on the ability of a child" s academic performance finds support in the case-control study of Children of Divorce: Academic Outcome. In order to provide a means of comparison for the experimental group, the authors had the control group choose names that are on the class list [>]
  3. Good research proposal about parental involvement in secondary education and its effect on student motivation
    The purpose of our study is to examine if and how parent involvement in secondary education affects student motivation and engagement. The purpose of this research is to evaluate " Parental Involvement in Secondary Education and its Effect on Student Motivation and Engagement".
  4. Good term paper on adhd and its effect on the family
    As a result, people with ADHD exhibit inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness because of dysfunction in the frontal lobe of the brain. In some cases, the parents maybe so immersed with the difficulties of the child with ADHD such that they begin to experience blame and guilt.
  5. My fathers suitcase - cause and effect essay
    The use of contributory causes in the story is also substantial, as the overall story involves the simple yet enigmatic question: " Why do you write?" The father's suitcase, Pamuk's relationship with his father as a whole, and his relationship with the world in general are all contributory causes for his need to [>]
  6. Free essay about predominant religion effect on disparity of men and women in college
    In the results, Christianity is the most dominant religion globally followed by Islam, Mixed religion, Buddhism and finally the Hindu. Regarding the religion, the different religions are provided codes, which are used to identify their significance in the country and which are analyzed against the enrolment to identify the religion's effect on the [>]
  7. Women and the effect of industrial revolution
    The industrial revolution was a great time of change for men, the economy, domestic life, and brought the change in the role of women in society to the forefront. Throughout this paper I will begin to discuss how the impact of industrialization effected the switch in labor from domestic to factory, the new [>]
  8. The effect of the philippine revolution
    This investigation assesses the extent of the Philippine Revolution had on the Philippine culture. In order to analyze the effects of the revolution on the political structure of the Philippines, the investigation will involve what the how it was several years before the Philippine Revolution, also known as the People Power Revolution.
  9. Fidel castros 1959 revolution and the effect on latin america
    Fidel Castros 1959 revolution and the effect on Latin America Cuban revolution is one of the most important in the history of the world which gave a whole new dimension to power and authority. One of the most attractive aspects about the revolution that drew the attention of the other Latin American region [>]
  10. Evaluation for effect on glucose diffusion biology essay
    This involved the usage of a certain dialysis tubing into which 15ml of a solution of D-glucose and 2ml of NaCl was introduced and visual aspect of glucose in the external solution was measured. In the first series, the experiment was conducted in the absence of the works infusion and the concentration of [>]
  11. Teachers behavioral attitude and its effect on students academic performance
    Apart from command schools, the reports of the many studies and surveys of September 15, 2006 and the one in the Nigerian Guardian of February 2, 2009) and the many recent editorials in many Nigerian dairy newspapers all point to the academic performances of Nigerian secondary school students which have been on the [>]
  12. Effect of pressure on students to get good grades essay sample
    Vertebrates include the overwhelming majority of the phylum Chordata, with currently about 64, 000 species Vertebrates include the jawless fish, bony fish, sharks and rays, amphibians, reptiles, mammals AND, BIRDS 20 Main Characteristics of Vertebrates Main Characteristics of Vertebrates are given below: 1) Well developed brain. 3) Notochord, forms on the dorsal side [>]
  13. The effect of racial bias and politics in science essay
    Racial bias in Science is primarily evident in the opportunities that are availed to different races on access to science subjects and disciplines. The effect of this is that the students who are exposed to the advanced courses are more likely to advance in related disciplines on a tertiary level as compared to [>]
  14. The effect of modern lifestyle on student productivity
    The purpose of study described in this research report to assess the student of the effect of technology in their studies, related to their productivity.1. The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of the technology based-lifestyle on the degree and diploma student of University Technology Mara, Puncak Alam Campus.
  15. The effect of television violence on children and teenagers essay sample
    One major study that showed cause and effect of the relation of television and violence shows that aggressive behavior among children and teenagers is directly linked to television violence. Another negative effect of television violence is that it causes children and teenagers to mimic the acts seen on TV.
  16. Effect of domestic violence on african american boys
    Among the light of these many factors is the influence of the domestic violence to the academic portfolio of these children. However, domestic violence has been a physical cause of social trauma to the children which acts to negatively affect the school attention and hence poor success.
  17. The effect of media influences on youth
    The increasing thinness of models in the media are leading our youth to unhealthy eating habits, violence is opening doors to reenactments of violent acts seen in the media and sexual attitudes of teens in TV show are leading to youth who are relaxed in thought of sexual activity. Directly and indirectly the [>]
  18. Teacher response to internal communication implementation done by school principal and its effect on teacher spirit
    In order to educate the life of the nation as stated in the opening of the four-fourth 1945 Constitution, one of the efforts for apply it is through the implementation of education-teaching in schools, starting from the level of primary education, intermediate education, to tertiary education. The leadership of the principal greatly influences [>]
  19. The effect of security on international business
    This paper focuses on the effects of security on international business as well as the measures that companies and national governments are putting in place to counter the potential adverse effect of security issues on international business. The accumulation of knowledge on the links between international relations and international business has not helped [>]
  20. Essay on attribution theory and framing effect in the movie shrek
    Similarly, in the scene where Shrek admitted to Donkey that the reason why he wanted to be alone was because of the negative reactions he always got when others see him, he was attributing the other creatures' behaviors to their character. Negative frame was presented when Shrek asked who among the fairytale creatures [>]

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  1. Essay on the effect of legislation on child protection laws in a third world country such
    Thus, the major objective of this paper is to draw a comparison on legislation on child protection laws in a third world country; for instance, in Azerbaijan to first world countries such as the United States, and most developed countries. This clearly shows that, for the child protection laws to be observed or [>]
  2. Analyze the cause and effect essay essay
    Being jealous is one of the main reasons why one may feel the need to seek revenge. This may be a reason why they feel the need to seek revenge.
  3. An effect of science, morality and medicine, resulted in the extensive discursion of sex.
    They discussed about the perversions of it, use perversities of various aspects of sex to conceal it in a way, to put it under a category and behind a screen. They used sex and the workings of it to understand the soul and the body.
  4. The effect of illiteracy
    That is to say, the more illiterate people there are in a country, the harder it will be for the country to develop. Without adequate literary skills one may not be able to identify on a label the correct amount of medicine to give a child, or read and interpret a sign giving [>]
  5. The effect of computer technology
    Learning is a function of the natural and continual variability in the world and variable action upon it. All three constructivist theorists, Pigged Viscosity and Burner, agree that the child Is both determined and a determiner of knowledge and understanding.
  6. History of computers and their effect on society 15348
    Since the invention of the computer, things such as education and the economy have been advanced quite a bit. There is no real invvention date of the computer, its invention is more of a series of inventions that brought us the modern computer.
  7. The effect of media communication evidences and incidences essay
    We may want to see this in a manner where we can compare it to the way the networks covered the LA Riots and the Columbus Anniversary, once again we saw that we were shown only what was required and not some thing which is ideal for decision making purpose.[ CITATION Loe95 l [>]
  8. The great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald: the effect of narration style on the reader’s interpretation of the story
    Perhaps the most vital aspect of The Great Gatsby is how narration affects the reader's interpretation of the story. The Great Gatsby discovers the relationships between characters of both the upper and middle classes in the context of " the roaring 20s." Nick is most absorbed by the appeal of Jay Gatsby, whom [>]
  9. Lasting effect of the salem witch trials
    In this time period there was lack of medical expertise who could correctly diagnose the situation, It then when there was no conclusion about the source of the girls ailment that local doctor William Griggs in accordance to the general attitude and beliefs at the time; made a diagnosis that the conditions of [>]
  10. The effect of social hierarchy in to kill a mockingbird
    Although some Negroes are better than the white trash the effects of prejudice and racism are evident in the trial leading to the inequitable conviction of Tom Robinson. The underling prejudice and social hierarchy of Maycomb County, sentenced Tom to life in prison, where he was shot and killed, for a crime he [>]
  11. To what effect does fitzgerald effectively enhance the motif of the past in the great gatsby
    Through the novel being set in the 1920's, highlighting a social class where people were considered " rich" in East egg, " less fashionable" in West egg and poor in the Valley of Ashes, Fitzgerald effectively enhances the motif of the past in The Great Gatsby. A vital way in which Fitzgerald intricately [>]
  12. Effect of air pollution assignment
    Which are of local or regional effects air pollution transfers the pollutants to water & land or oceans as pollution result of rainfall Air pollution affects plants & animals as well as human being. Industry is also the main source & it covers all type Of unit, which consume energy in any form.
  13. The cause and effect of internet on the business
    It is the mean to the company for competing in the market, gaining competitive advantage in the mind of the customers, and organizing the company structure in general. The first cause of using internet in business is the increase of competition.
  14. Effect of the internet on society
    Negative impacts of the internet On the darker side, the internet has also been seen as a menace to society in the sense that it has had its fair share of disappointment and a major source of heartache to humanity. This has led to breakup of institutions e.g.marriage or even collapse of organizations [>]
  15. The effect of the internet on social interaction
    Although some people claim that the possibilities of more convenient communication benefit chiefly from the Internet, others argue that this technology breakthrough may Isolate communication further regarding face- to- face interaction. It can be argued that this type of technology-internet certainly affect social interaction.
  16. Effect of computer games
    The researcher wants to know if computer games/ social networking sites like Facebook is highly affect the study habits of the students of CAANHS-Main based on the time schedule of the students. This study covers the two important factors; first, the effect of computer games in the study habits of the students, and [>]
  17. The effect of social media in the business world
    The Effect of Social Media in the Business World Imagine, for a moment, you are an employee in a business setting. It is also important for the owners of a company to discuss the legalities and hidden costs associated with the social media sites, in relation to businesses.
  18. The mozart effect: a review of literature essay
    The mozart effect: a review of literatureThe 1990s were given the name, " the decade of the brain" due to the numerous widespread advances made in understanding neuroanatomical and neurophysiological mechanisms. However, the Mozart Effect theory was first heard about in a more detailed fashion in 1993, when Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky demonstrated [>]
  19. Cause and effect: music censorship
    In the 1950s, radio provided access to new types of music that challenged traditional morality and created the dynamics for music censorship. A lot of the artists of the 1950s paved the way in the starting of music censorship.
  20. Media democratization and its effect on mass media essay
    If we combine the social aspects of new web applications with technological developments such as the ever dropping price of hardware, the rise of wireless communications and the massi? ation of mobile phones, we can start to see mayor changes in a lot of aspects today's advertising relies on to be e? ective. [>]
  21. The effect of computers on education information technology essay
    All of the authors accepted the idea of the information revolution, but the main difference was regarding how we have arrived at our current position, how we are dealing with it, and what will happen in the future. All of the authors still accepted the idea of the information revolution, however during the [>]
  22. How robots can effect on children's development
    The likely detrimental challenge that is bound to result from the use of robots to babysit and education a child is; the poor development of a child socially. The use of robots to babysit children will thus reduce the time required for the parents to be with their children since the robots will [>]
  23. Internet has actually had a negative effect on non-western societies
    The universal spread of the modern technology comprising of the information and communication technology is usually perceived as a postmodern era indicator of globalization as well as a prerequisite of the intensive global interactions of individuals as well as the exchange of goods and services, capital and information. In addition, the internet has [>]
  24. Reformation in northern europe has an effect on painting
    Reformation in Northern Europe and the emergence of landscape painting The reformation period emerged in the sixteenth century and put an instant end to the relative co-existence that had thrived for the previous centuries in western chriastian religious society under the Catholic church. The spread of reformation was enahanced by use of images, [>]
  25. The protective effect of geraniol biology essay
    It was seen in our study that addition of H2O2 increased the Fe level in liver tissue. Fe level in H+G group were observed to show values similar to the K group due to effect of geraniol.
  26. Effect of ocean acidification upon ability to genetically adapt in nereis species
    This increase in pH affects the ocean's ecosystems and therefore the oceans' species have to adapt to the increasing acidity. Research Hypothesis Due to the increase in the ocean water acidity, the marine species have adapted to the change in pH.
  27. Planning an experiment into the effect of mouthwash on bacteria
    Bacterial growth is the division of one bacterium into two daughter cells, which are genetically identical to the original cell and refers to the number of cells. Prevention of growth of microbes The control of microbial growth is important in the prevention of microbe development and is affected in two ways, by killing [>]
  28. Effect of moisture content on physical properties biology essay
    The results are necessary for design of equipment to handling, transportation, processing, and the storage of flaxseed. The density of the seed is significant in numerous technological processes and in the evaluation of product quality.
  29. The effect of epigenetic changes on our health
    Some kids do not each much but there comes a time when they crave for eating and eat whatever they possibly can, Bygren found that glutton kids who get transformed in a single season go on to father children who live shorter lives, this was something which was never known before and could [>]
  30. The effect of obesity on pregnancy
    This which suggest that offspring of obese mothers will also have disrupted circadian rhythms and reduced PPAR mRNA expression which not only will leads to metabolic dysregulation, but also leads to obesity that can be developed later in life. In this article, it explained that melatonin is produced in a circadian manner and [>]
  31. The effect of cancer biology essay
    In the near future the number of cancer patients is said to rise by 70%. 5 million of male deaths were caused dude to cancer and 12 per cent of the 1.
  32. The effect of starch on the activity of amylase with ph variable
    We then used a calorimeter to measure the absorbance of our samples with the variable of pH over set periods of time. We used the substrate starch with the variable, pH, to measure the absorbance of our samples using a calorimeter.
  33. The effect of different levels of radiation in growth of plants essay
    Consequences showed that at the right degree of radiation degree.radiation has a positive consequence on the works growing and has the same sprouting and survival rate from the control set up. With the same day of the month and topographic point of can reason that radiation has a consequence on the works [>]
  34. The effect of variable ambient noise biology essay
    The diagnostic utility of tuning fork tests routinely administered by ENT in the presence of variable ambient sound to detect hearing loss requires further study. For the Rinne test, the tuning fork was alternately placed on the mastoid and at the ear at about 4cm from pinna.
  35. Combined effect of fineness modulus biology essay
    Results indicated that the combined effect of fineness modulus and grading zone were clear on the passing ability and little effect of grading zone on flow ability and viscosity of fresh SCC properties. The guiding principle behind self compacting concrete is that the sedimentation velocity of a particle is inversely proportional to the [>]
  36. The use of drugs for nontherapeutic effect biology essay
    Physical abstinence syndrome: This is when a drug has been administered repeatedly and stopping the drug leads to unpleasant effect such that the individual taking the drug tries to stop this effect by self-administration of the drug. ETHANOLOccurs in the liverAcetic acid is not formed and this leads to accumulation of acetaldehyde.
  37. Effect and aftermath of global crisis on vlcc market in nigeria essay example
    What has been considered as the global financial crisis began in the United Kingdom and the United States of America following a significant standstill in the global credit market in July 2007. The freight rate depends on the mode of transport, the form of the cargo, its weight, and the distance between the [>]
  38. Free case study on the ethical principle of double effect
    Mills, in consonance to his duty as a doctor and in favor of lessening the patient's pain. In incognito The principle of double effect in American Constitutional Law.
  39. The phenomenal effect on science fiction movies
    2It is in popular belief that anime's entrance into the American mainstream was in 1988 with the release of " Akira" and later with the popular release of " Ghost in a Shell". The internet now being the most powerful word of mouth haven has created huge fandom for the Matrix and Anime [>]
  40. The screen provokes a brechtian distancing effect
    In this commentary we will first examine this particular sequence of Benny's Video and interpret it within the broader context of the film, then we will reflect on how the clip and the film in general approach the topic of violence. The clip that is examined in this commentary can be separated into [>]

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