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Alfred north whitehead essay

Alfred North Whitehead

Alfred North Whitehead was born in 1861 and died in 1947. He is well acknowledged as one of British academic developers of the twentieth century. Basically, he was a logician, mathematician and philosopher and is greatly known for his work in philosophy of science and logic in mathematics (Victor, 1985). He contributed and pioneered in reasoning different logics through demonstrating how mathematics may be derivative from few rational concepts and further created wide ranging systems of philosophy.
He authored the land mark three in collaboration with others which contributed to the logic of twentieth-century in metaphysics and philosophy of science. According to his understanding, there are three conditions that play imperative functions in the moral and academic progress of humanity. This includes; the philosophy of science logic, the foundations of mathematics and metaphysics (George, 1989). Generally, his great influence on philosophy can be felt on the three mentioned above fields in which he worked on.
Whitehead stands to argue that without the three fundamentals, evolutionary processes would not take place. With connection to this, we realize that according to his idea of noble discontent stands out to be input feature in the scholar and moral progress of human civilization since it has motivated man to a higher balanced philosopher. His plans to develop metaphysical unification stands out to be contentious and this he claims maybe due to his connection between traditional theism and metaphysics.
Every aspect of his work truly replicates to the truth concerning his done fields. For instance, he argues that every genuine life object may be tacit the same way as constructed sequence of proceedings and processes. With connection to this idea, he methodically uses and elaborates in his reality and process (George, 1989). Further, he meditates that materialism in scientific revolution is less flourishing especially when dealing with factors of teleology and when trying to build up inclusive and incorporated representation of the universe wholly. His contributions towards the field of technology leaves a mark on him and thus many live to remember him for his generous involvement and participation.


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