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Advertising letter assignment

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1235 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91335 April 15th 2007 Cheryl O’ Berry Vice President, Human Resources General Foods 2300 Thousands Lakes Blvd Egan, MN 65123 SUBJECT: HEALTHY LIFESYLES Imagine a workplace where the employees are productive, energetic, and ready to go at anytime. The atmosphere is positive and the workers love the company because they not only expressed appreciation for their employees verbally, but showed how much they cared about their health; and the workers responded by giving 110% and stayed later to show their appreciation in turn.

This can be a reality. Vector Lifetime Fitness has plan that has proven to be a motivating factor in the increased productivity in the workplace. What can possibly get my employees more motivated for work you ask? It’s simple. For less than the cost of the companies Christmas Party you can own your very own Fitness Center. Studies taken by the institute for a healthier lifestyle has concluded that employees who exercised regularly were on average 25% more productive and eager to work than employees who did not.

Furthermore, our clients have backed this study up and added that employees who utilized this program were more apt to become a leader, team player and motivator. We have an exclusive offer for you. If you order by May 1st we will not only give you our best deal of $30000. 00 which includes a treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bikes, multigyms, and a weight machine.

We will also through in a fitness expert who will design a fitness room, set up equipment, and create a appropriate programs for your employees individual needs Best of all the one time cost is usually recouped within one year of service. Vector specialist can also clean and manage you new facility for an additional fee. I know you will agree that this is the most effective way to get the best out of each and everyone in your company. I will call you Tuesday to set up a meeting and “ workout” a payment plan. Your Name CEO

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