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Advertising and public relation assignment

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It brought the efficiency of machinery not only the production of goods , but also their distribution . Types of advertising : There isn’t just one kind of advertising , in fact advertising is a large and varied industry . Different types of advertising have different roles , considering all the different advertising situation , we can identify seven major type of advertising: 1. Brand advertising , the most visible type of advertising , is referred to as national or consumer advertising , brand advertising such as that for the apple mackintosh the classic 1984 commercial, focuses on the placement of long-term brand identity image 2.

Retail or local advertising focuses on retailers , distributors , or dealers who sell their merchandise in a certain geographical area , retail advertising has information about products that are available in local stores . The objectives focus on stimulating store traffic and creating a distinctive image for the retailer. 3. Direct response advertising tries to stimulate an immediate response by the consumer to the seller . It can use by advertising medium , particularly direct mail and internet, the consumer can respond by telephone, mail, or over the internet and the product is delivered directly to other consumer by mail or some other carrier . . Business -to-business bib advertising also called trade advertising sent from one business to another includes messages directed at companies distributing product as well as industrial purchasers and professionals such as lava. Years and physicians. 5. Institutional advertising also called corporate advertising, focuses on establishing a corporate identity or winning the public over the organization’s point of view . Tobacco company for example run ads that focuses on the positive things they are doing. Non profit organization is used by non profit organization , such as charities , foundations , associations , hospitals orchestras , museums and religious institutions to reach customers. 7. Public service advertising provide message on behalf of a good cause such as stopping drunk driving . Traditional media Print advertising print media vehicles include newspapers , magazines, brochures, and other printed surfaces such as posters and outdoor boards . In term of impact , print media generally provide more information, rich imagery , and a longer message life than broadcast media. -Newspaper basics Newspapers primary function is to carry news, which means that marketers with news to announce , such as a special sale or new product , may find newspaper to be a comfortable environment . Marketers trying to reach a local market use newspapers because most newspapers are identified by the geography of the city or region they serve. Types of newspaper advertising three types of advertising are found within the local newspapers: Display , classified , supplements * Display the dominant form of newspaper advertising is display advertising . Splay ads such as the flag ads , can be any size and can be placed anywhere in the newspaper expect the editorial page. * Classified two types of classified advertising include advertising by individuals to sell their personal goods and advertising by local businesses. * Supplements newspaper supplements are magazine-style publications inserted into a newspaper , especially in the Sunday edition , that are either syndicated nationally or prepared locally. B-magazine basics Most magazines aim at niche markets with a focus on a particular hobby, sport, age group business category and profession .

The special -interest publications generally have small circulations but there are exceptions. Business magazines target business readers , they include the following type of publications: * Trade magazines aimed at manufactures ran example concrete construction. * Professional magazines aimed physicians , lawyers , and other professionals . * Farm magazines aimed at those working in agriculture . Corporate publications are produced by companies for their customers and other stakeholders , airlines magazines are good example .

Outdoor advertising One of the growth areas in the out-of-home category is outdoor advertising , which refers billboard along streets and highways, as well as posters in other public relations . An advertiser uses outdoor boards for two primary reasons . First for national advertisers , this medium can provide reminders to target audience . A second use for billboards as directional , it acts as primary medium when the board is in proximity to where a brand is available Outdoor LED boards are brightly lit plastic signs with electronic messaging . These sings come in a variety sizes, colors, brightness .

Posters Posters are used on kiosks , bulletin boards , the sides of buildings and even vehicles Transit advertising Transit advertising is mainly an urban mass advertising form that places ads n vehicles such as buses and taxis that circulate through the community as moving billboards . There are two types of transit advertising: interior and exterior. Interior transit advertising is seen by people riding inside buses, subway cars, and taxis. Exterior transit advertising is mounted on the side, rear, and top exterior of this vehicle, So pedestrians and people in nearby cars see it. Swappers advantages Good for news announcements Good market coverage Good for comparison shopping Positive consumer attitude Good for reaching educated and Affluent consumers Flexibility-geographic scheduling Short life span Clutter Limited reach for certain groups Poor productivity values Broadcast media Radio basics newspapers limitations the structure of the radio industry , traditional radio stations are found on the AM,’FM dial and most serve local market . Other options for radio listeners include public radio , cable and satellite radio , low-powered stations , and web radio.

Radio advertising is a form of advertising via the medium of radio. Radio advertisements are broadcast as radio waves to the air from a transmitter to an antenna and a thus to a receiving device. Airtime is purchased from a station or network in exchange for airing the commercials. While radio has the limitation of being restricted to sound, proponents of radio advertising often cite this as an advantage Stations with a broadcast range of approximately 25 miles are considered local stations. Regional stations May covered an entire state or several states.

The radio industry can include several other broadcast forms: * Cable radio technology uses cable television receiver to deliver static-free music via wires plugged into cable subscribers stereos. The service typically is commercial free with a monthly subscription fee. * Satellite radio the newest radio technology is satellite audio rite can you deliver your favorite radio stations , regardless of where you are in the country. * Web radio web radio provide webmasters , which is audio streaming through website.

The typical radio programming day is divided into five segments called departs as follow: Morning drive time 6-AMA Midday IMAM-PM Evening drive time 3-7 PM Evening PM-midnight Late night midnight -SAM The morning drive time segment is the period when the most listeners are turned in to radio. This drive time , audience is getting ready for work or commuting to work, is the best medium to reach them. Television basic The Television commercial is generally considered the most effective mass- market advertising format, as is reflected by the high prices n. Networks charge for commercial airtime during popular TV events. The annual Super Bowl football game in the United States is known as the most prominent advertising event on television. The average cost of a single thirty-second TV spot during this game has reached USES. 5 million (as of 2012). The heavy use of television by children is of concern to parents and early childhood experts. Recent studies found that U. S children spend an average of nearly four hours day watching television , DVD’s, and videos.

Local elevation , most local television stations are affiliated with a network and carry both network programming and their own programs . Costs for local advertising vary, depending on the size of the market and the demands for the programs carried . Radio advantages Pervasiveness, in most every home and car Reaches specialized target audiences Reaches them at critical apertures (morning and evening drive time) Offers high frequency , music (jingles) can be repeated more easily than other forms of advertising . Flexible easy to change Mental imagery can be highly engaging Radio Limitations

Listener Inattentiveness , may just be on in the background Lack of visual May be buying difficulties for local buys Lack for control Television advantages Pervasiveness , in most every home High level of viewing Reaches a mass national audience although can be targeted by programs High impact : has audio , video, motion , music , color , high drama Cost efficient Television limitations Clutter – cable offers a large numbers of channels High productions coos Wasted reach Inflexibility , can easily make last minute change Intrusiveness -some audience resistance to advertising leads to zipping and zapping .

MAN (modern method of advertising ) Because new technology is exploding , media planners are racing to try to understand the implications of this rapidly changing media landscape for advertising and marketing communication. New hardware offerings such as super-smart phone , notebook, smart books ( like a smart phone with a tablet computer) , portable video players , and the next generations of e- readers are stirring the imaginations of early adopters. New operating systems , called platform , include not only the I-phone , which has been the innovative leader , but also research in motion’s (RIM) blackberry and Google android .

Internet basics Technically , the internet is linked a linked system of international computers network . The world wide web is the information interface that allow people to access the internet through an easy-to-use graphical format. The internet is an important marketing communication medium because it combines the characteristics of many other media -newspapers and newsletters, magazines, catalogues , directories, television , radio , phones , and film.

The internet plays a critical role in both consumer and business to business b-to-b customer brand decisions. Here are some of reasons why it has become so important to consumers -as well as the marketers who want to reach them-in such a short time: * Information because of easy searching, internet users have access to a wealth of information , not only about brand and company , but also about trends *future developments , and product review. * Choice the internet offer more choices and consumers can easily do comparative shopping online.

That means they can learn about brands, not only from the brands website but also from third parties . * Accessibility the majority of the population has access to computers, and individuals who do not go online t work or public locations , such as libraries , schools, and internet cafe??. * Speed the internet has grown to be a medium with unsurpassed speed and widespread coverage * Capital opening a business online is far less costly than opening a traditional brick-and-mortal business. Locations the internet reaches beyond the local market which is important for specially goods. Internet marketing Most company have a website that provide information , but many also sell products online , particularly to the BIB market . These business operations also provide ways to track customers behavior and preferences through database and predictive modeling . Amazon. Com for example is able to suggest books to a returning customer based on that customers purchase .

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