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Advertising analytics reports examples


The paper focus on shading light to the basic aspect of the advertisement and how this helps in shaping the sales of items in the market. Advertisement serves as an important aspect in communicating important issues to clients and customers. The main points highlighted in the article are;
First, the future of advertisement is given a key priority. Through this, various mediums of advertisement are highlighted such as Televisions, print, radio and online platform among others. This gives a keen insight on the fact that these platforms are interconnected to create a medium that perfectly delivers the sales to the customers. This reveals that there is a channel that links up how the advertisement made is responded by the sales made in various companies across the globe. For instance, research shows that Electronics Companies spend up to 85% of the advertisement budget to feature their adverts on TVs (Wes Nichols 60). Through this, it has prompted online searches over the same products bringing about an increase in the sales made. For instance, the media- mix modeling begun in the early 1980s, backed marketers to link scanner data with advertising. This effectively made an analytical decision on where to allocate the required marketing resources.
Secondly, the paper focuses on the aspect of advertising analytics 2. 0. This gives a keen insight on the capabilities of the technology to process terabytes of data and numerous variables in the shortest duration possible. This effectively highlights the basic tenet of how advertisement touch points interact dynamically. This advertisement analytic has boosted the marketing and performance of the sales a great step in the market. The implementation of these analytics has brought about improvement of infrastructure used to advertise products in companies. In addition, the cultures within organizations have been boosted in the view of enhancing strategy development and operations in the marketing operations.
This analytic composed of three activities, Attribution, optimization and allocation. Through attribution, the contribution of each element of marketing is quantified. On the view of optimization, it effectively uses extrapolative analytics paraphernalia to run scenarios for business scheduling (Wes Nichols 62). In addition, the part that involves the allocation, this one focuses on redistribution of property transversely and the marketing activities in real time.
For instance, the ” AD REVENUE CALCULATION” bar chart, Data analysis of one operation reported that swim-lane amount grossly undervalued the revenues attributable to social-media marketing and display advertising while overvaluing PR and paid-search revenue. Hence, through the use of advertising analytics 2. 0 techniques, assisted revenue calculation performed highly in social media, display ads emails and twitter. This is as compared to swim-lane revenue calculation (Wes Nichols, March 2013).

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Concepts learned
The article has served as a source of great information and importance in the understanding of advertising analytics and advertisement in general. I have learned that the timing of campaign tactics and the definite intervals between them can serve a great way in improving sales and marketing strategy of the company.
In addition, there is a positive interaction between ads and boosting of sales. This includes online web searches; video advertising TVs among other platforms goes a higher notch in ensuring the sales of the products is enhanced.
Also, I learned that advertising analytics 2. 0 contributes a great deal in shaping the big data integration process. Through cloud computing and new analytical methods, the analytical method provides clear fundamental insights in marketing effect and the revenue allocation and accrual. Through the three processes of attribution, optimization and allocation, I have understood that these sequential steps within these activities serve a great deal in improving the capability of the continuous analytical process. In addition, statistical models such as bar charts, tables and charts reveal a great effect of advertising on customers’ behaviors and business results. Additionally, this highlights the fact that hundreds of variables related to the market conditions, actions and competitive analysis actually visualize the marketing mix within a population. This definitely helps in shaping the services offered by marketers and consumers on a global arena.

Work Cited

Wes Nichols. Advertising Analytics 2. 0. Spotlight on the future of advertising. Harvard Business Review March 2013.

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