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Adidas’ globalization strategies

Adidas was a global organization, so it implemented the concept of “ global brand, local touch” to achieve its target in the competitive market. First, Adidas applied the strategies that anticipating and fulfilling consumer desires to build powerful brands, so that a lot of people know “ Adidas” in global sporting market. Also, Adidas clearly understand that the consumer-oriented structure is unique in the industry, which will bring a competitive advantage for Adidas Group.

Consumer buying and brand perception in the sporting goods sector are linked to market-leading, high-profile technologies and cutting-edge design that capture consumer imagination. Therefore, Adidas are committed to keeping its product pipeline full with new, exciting designs and technologies. Developing leading positions in all major markets In order to develop leading positions, Adidas was aimed to the regional market to select consumers groups, set up the target for each area, and implement different promoting activities. Read how a survey of hobbies and purchases can help a producer

For example, in Europe, Adidas extend its leading position by concentrating on key categories such as football and running. In North America, its goal is to significantly increase both market share and profitability within the next three to five years. In Asia, Adidas are striving to generate sales of over $ 2 billion by 2008. In Latin America, Adidas will deliver continued strong top-line growth in the next three to five years while improving both efficiency and profitability. Read about The Effects ofTechnologyon the Accounting Profession

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