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Accsesable education?

In Udon Thani Thailand the education has been lacking throughout our generation and the past generation.

In Thailand the compulsory amount of time to go to school is 9 years yet in Udon Thani this isn’t the case. In Thailand, there are 12 years free schooling for anyone living in Thailand because of the education act in Thailand in 1999 that allowed to the free education for that citizens but only in 2005 was a new agreement sign that let everyone living in Thailand have free education. Despite the 12 year agreement some people still have to drop out after less than 9 years because they can’t afford supplies or other need for schooling. Some kids drop out of school as early a grade 2 because they need to help support their families because some families earn as little as 10$ a month. On the other hand, if the Thai kids do attend school and attend for up to 12 years it still won’t be helping their families much and it could because of the failing education system in Thailand.

This is shown in their education scores which are 30% or less. Solutions to the issue Unicef’s goal is to provide education to people who don’t have it and ensure that they enroll at the right age and stay in school for the full 9 years which is mandatory. Unicef is keeping in mind that in doing so it will increase the quality of services and will help them later in life. Unicef is also trying to keep schools safe for the kids that they helped enroll but also the general population of the kids in school. What UNICEF is doing to complete their goal by asking for donations and use those donations to promote and help teach education and life skills.

Rustic Pathways is another organization that has been helping the families for a while now. Rustic is helping the people of Thailand by building homes and supporting families by giving them the things they need to live such as food and other supplies. As rustic drive to a new location they will pick up anyone in need. Rustics goal is to “ We empower students through innovative and responsible travel experiences to positively impact lives and communities around the world.” And on the way they teach students esential parts of life such as Integrity, Excellence, Pioneering, Spirit, Passion, Teamwork, Community, Global, Responsibility, andSafety.

Progress in Thailand Education in Thailand has risen over the past two decades this has been shown strongly in the town of Udon Thani. Most Thai children in the previous generation in the town of udon than only when to school for 4 years before the families couldn’t afford school. In the current generation most kids in the same town are are attending school for up to 6 years and have greater goals in life like becoming doctors or engineers.

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