EduPony: about our Service

EduPony is a team of educational experts, researchers, and editors who believe in the same things. Our goal is to support those who find it difficult to complete their writing assignments. The mission is to make the writing process simpler without providing people with ready-made papers. We believe that nobody should take a chance of learning from the student community. 

That is how we got the idea of making the largest essay sample database ever existed. Our other idea was to make this service completely free so that everyone would have equal opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge. Top students share their works willingly to help, so it would be unfair to charge our users any fees.   

EduPony team consists of professionals from different fields who follow the same dream of helping those struggling with writing. We also believe that everyone who submits their work on our website is a part of our team. It would be impossible to provide our top-quality service without their help.   

EduPony: Mission Statement

By creating this database, we wanted to help students in their research. Our goal is also to reduce stress for students struggling with their papers.

We hope that our essay samples will guide you from the reluctant beginning of your work to its successful finish.

Students often get assignments that they can't even start writing. It happens because they don't have enough skills, information, or experience. That is how the writing task becomes almost impossible to complete, and students get frustrated. Unnecessary stress and low grades also follow.

EduPony’s mission is to change the game! Free essay samples database is not the only service we offer. We've also made a Topic Generator and a range of other tools to make the writing process even more enjoyable.

Our Key Values

Academic Honesty

We are sure that our service can help those who look for inspiration and extra help in their studies. We are firmly against academic cheating and the violation of policies and rules of any school, university, or college.

Trust & Support

We aim to assist you in your academic path by finding the top samples from which you can get inspiration. We hope that the results of our work make your life easier. Success is impossible without mutual trust and respect.

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EduPony Features

EduPony essay database is a service made to be as user-friendly as possible.

Detailed Classification

Papers published on the website are separated into many different categories. You can look for samples by paper type, scientific field, word count, or page number. You can also find the works you need with the help of keyword.

Useful Tools

It's important to say that there is a built-in citation tool in every paper. The tool helps you to properly cite the examples from our works while writing your essay. It is also possible to download our samples in different formats.

Your Samples Collection

When you find a sample you like, you can add it to your library. It lets you store all the necessary samples in one place and come back to view them. When you add the sample to your collection, you can see the adding date and the subject.