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Abnormal psych interview

Abnormal Psych Interview Abnormal Psych Interview The disorder or a of mental disturbance that I would take under consideration today is depression. Basically ” Depression is a disturbance in mood, thought, and bodycharacterized by varying degrees of sadness, disappointment, loneliness, hopelessness, self-doubt, and guilt.” (Beck, 2008) This illness is one of the most complex and crucial form of disorder which is apparently very hard to admit for the masses, it gets tougher when one has to discuss this with their closed ones or even a doctor who’s treating him/her. These issues are at times really hard to comprehend too because the person who is going through this tough time feels too humiliated or lacks confident to discuss it. The same state of mental disturbance was faced by my friend Sara Lauren. Sara was really kind to discuss her experience with me which I would discuss here. The few questions which I asked her are as follows Did you lose interest in doing things? Did you feel lonely, saddened or pessimistic without any reason? Did you experience insomnia or difficulty in sleeping? Did you experience tiredness or lacked energy without performing any laborious task? Did you experience a loss in diet or overconsumption of food? Did you at any point consider yourself a disgrace for your family? Did you at any point thought to hurt yourself physically? Surprisingly or sadly the answer to all my questions was positive and I was ensured that Sara did experience depression. Further when I took details I got to know that there was massive change in her behavior. For instance Sara was previously a shopaholic and no weekend of hers was spent without going to shop. But since a few weeks she chose to stay home confined in a room. This was not only the change in Sara but further she had started to gain weight and had started to consume food that was far more than her usual appetite. Further her grades had started to drop, previously she was known as the nerdiest and obedient student but now the thing had changed completely. She started missing on assignments and assessments and took her studies quite carelessly which was an alarming sign. She was having great difficulty in concentrating and was always lost or distracted. There was some handicapped movement also observed as she got tired quiet frequently abut has immense difficulty in going to sleep. She felt it difficult to confide, when her dad who was really close her asked the reason for this drastic change she would usually start crying without giving an answer. She herself knew that nothing had gone wrong with her but all she faced was pessimism and despair. She believed that she did not have any reason to live and her presence didn’t make a difference. But the reason was quite obvious that she was undergoing through a tough phase of depression. Depression is all about sadness, loneness or not being able to fight back with you emotional state. Depression is not something alien but a very common and wide spreading ailment. Today individuals belonging to various age brackets go through a phase of depression. It is alarming that there has been an increase in the state of depression amongst youngsters. The teens are being badly affected by depression in recent times. The reason why most individuals face depression is peer pressure. Basically depression isan act of serious sadness that has affected the individual for a long period of time and has some way or the other interfered with their everyday life. What I learnt through my experience and conversing with Sara and her family that depression can happen with anybody and does not require any specific reason or condition. ” The switch between normalcy and depression can be instantaneous.” (Michigan Daily) hence it is said that depression can happen anytime and does not require any special scenario. Most people who go through depression are because of any such incident that has left a profound impact on them like the death of a close one, sexual harassment etc. at times the issues that cause depression can be quite personal therefore most people in such a state try to hide their feelings or the reason behind their state. It has been estimated that ” The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that just over ten percent of American adults will experience some form of depression in their lifetime.” (Kohl, 2012). This is an alarming sign as the rate of individuals is quite huge. It has been also observed that individuals who go through this face are not accepted by the society at a time when they need support, care and assistance they are usually disregarded and humiliated. The effects of depressions might differ from person to person. Today many people refer to psychiatrist who helps them from relieving their depression and provide them the necessary support they require. The role of family and friends is also very important as they need to understands the patients mental state and provide them the care they need In a nutshell, depression is a common problem faced by many individuals like Sara. The only way to overcome this problem is to provide care, support and medical assistance at an early stage to overcome any adverse situation that can likely happen. Usually people do not take this mental ailment seriously which can result in various alarming consequences. Awareness needs to be spread on a universal platform and people need to be encouraged to speak up about their issues in order to avoid this illness. References Beck, A. T., & Alford, B. A. (2008). Depression: Causes and treatments. Philadelphia, Pa: University of Pennsylvania Press. 7, J. C., & 2008.(n. d.). Personal Statement: The double life of depression – The Michigan Daily. The Michigan Daily – University of Michigan’s Student Newspaper. Retrieved June 25, 2013, from http://www. michigandaily. com/content/2008-10-08/personal-statement-depression Kohl, H. W., & Murray, T. D. (2012). Foundations of physical activity and public health. Champaign, Ill.: Human Kinetics.

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