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Ability to communicate orally

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Kronment …Served eight and one half years in the US Army and was honorably discharged at the rank of SSG/E-6. During my service, I was stationed in Korea and was selected and trained as a Korean Linguist. I was responsible for leading teams of soldiers to secret high ground communications outposts and in charge of monitoring, interpreting, and reporting South Korean communications and intelligence activity.

The work our team conducted was highly classified and was an essential component to intelligence gathering and served as an important element in effectively ensuring the security of the United States and its allied forces. Upon my return to the United States from my tour of duty in Korea I was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. I was assigned the responsibility of establishing a language maintenance program for the returning linguists which enabled and assisted them in maintaining their proficiency of the Korean language and the various dialects.

I was also responsible for document control on all classified material at our company, the 335 ASA Company. This assignment required highly specialized knowledge of not only the Korean language, but also an extensive knowledge of all the applicable international laws regarding such, and an in-depth understanding of reporting top secret military intelligence through appropriate mechanisms and established protocols. I am also a retired Police Lieutenant with twenty years of investigative experience. For more than half of my career in law enforcement I served as a Sergeant and Lieutenant.

I participated in numerous management training sessions during my tenure including a four week Police Management Program held at Babson Business College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I have had extensive training in constitutional law and civil liability. I have evaluated and trained police officers on proper police procedures and served as Criminal Investigative Supervisory Lead in notablehomicideinvestigations, robberies, and other high profile investigations. I was also responsible for the management of two Sergeants and twenty patrolmen within my command.

I ensured and monitored on-going training both in the classroom and on-the-job and ensured strict adherence to all applicable Federal, State, and Municipal Laws… Ability to communicate orally and in writing to provide advice and guidance to co-workers and other employees and to coordinate work initiatives with external customers …A skilled and experienced professional in the presentation complex technical and organizational information, I am also well versed in media relations and facilitating group meetings.

I have presented to diverse groups and audiences in community forums, formal and informal training sessions, and executive level meetings. Most of my expertise lies in the presentation of complex analytical and abstract reports. I am adept and well versed in composing a variety of documents, letters, memoranda, reports, and documentation to provide guidance and direction on technical issues, business rules and practices, human resource and confidentiality issues, and other varied business circumstances.

I was personally requested by the owner of a large vacation/resort management company, to conduct and present an operational analysis of the Sales and Marketing departments of the company. I assumed the lead position and worked closely with the Internal Auditor and corporate CPA to collect data and analyze operational workflow, data validity, reporting methods, training standards, and current system and manual processes.

Upon completion of the analysis, I presented a lengthy oral presentation and substantive written summary of our recommendations to the owner and executive staff, which ultimately resulted in the development and implementation of multiple new management information systems. I have planned and coordinated work initiatives with internal employees and external vendors. One specific example was a large and complex equipment relocation of a remote telemarking office.

The move encompassed the reconfiguration of more than 200 personal computers, telephony equipment, T1 lines, and two multiplatform predictive dialing systems. The entire project was completed ahead of schedule without any interruption in service and had no effect on regular business operations… Ability to handle pressure and stress in a dynamic and changing environment …I have successfully worked under strict timelines in management, development, and implementation throughout my career as an IT professional. I have produced some of my best work operating under enormous pressure.

I am a highly organized individual and have successfully managed numerous complex projects requiring the intricate management of both people and timelines and received praise for my demonstrated proficiency in the mastery of new complex information and human relations. I have effectively implemented numerous projects ahead of schedule, and free from error. Some detailed examples of unexpected or stressful situations would include system glitches and failures, which require rapid and proficient interpretation and evaluation. Often, these processes are large in complexity and dimension.

As a regular part of my job, I was required to reverse-engineer processes, both functional and non-functional, quickly and effectively to ensure continuous and smooth business operations. One notable example was a complete systems failure inadvertently discovered by the Vice President of the company. He was missing data from one of his morning reports and was requesting IT assistance via the corporate intercom system. I was in the office and quickly began investigating the failure, discovered the issue and attempted to initiate the process manually, however, that proved unsuccessful.

I had less than 30 minutes to reverse-engineer and through process-of-elimination, determine and correct the problem. I was successful and had the department up and running a few minutes before operations’ were to commence… Please briefly provide an example of your customer service skills …An example of my professionalism and commitment to customer service was one particular woman who had made her way through a very busy checkpoint only to find out that she had prohibited liquids exceeding both the maximum allowable size and carry-on quantities.

She was already frustrated as she was running late for her flight. I explained to her the necessity for conducting a bag search and that it appeared that she did have numerous prohibited liquids inside her bag. She ranted for a bit about how ridiculous this policy was and that she paid a lot of money for her items. I took it upon myself to calm her down and re-explained the policy and showed her what she needed to do with her items when she travels.

I listened to her concerns and helped her pack her smaller non-prohibited liquids into a small quart size plastic bag that was permissible for carry-on. As we worked together to correct the problem, she explained that her exasperation with the checkpoint and being late was of her own doing. After we conversed and worked together to separate her items, I escorted her to the exit with all her property and the bag she decided to check with the airline. In the end, she was calm and apologetic and thanked me for my patience and professionalism in handling her concerns and complaints.

Situations like this are a daily occurrence at the checkpoint and can become frustrating if we as officers lose our patience and compassion for our passengers. I pride myself on being professional and courteous no matter how many times I am required to explain procedures. I am also attuned to the circumstances surrounding each situation and handle each situation according to the needs of the particular individual. I meet people where they are, and strive to help them develop a better understanding of our mission at TSA and our concern for not only their safety but for the safety of everyone who travels

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